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EMF Studies

28 May 2014

Doctors for Safer Schools

This site is under construction and will soon be completed.

Doctors for Safer Schools is an international advisory board founded by Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC. and Kerry Crofton, PhD. Brendan Montano, MD. is the medical director.

Our mission is to provide published scientific data, intake assessments, and integrative medicine protocols for doctors so they can recognize, treat - and prevent - symptoms and related conditions, including electro-sensitivity.

We are addressing the health concerns of electro-magnetic radiation exposure in schools - for children, teachers and staff.

There is a growing body of scientific knowledge that strongly suggests radio-frequency radiation from wi-fi, and other wireless technology, poses a public health risk, especially to children. Wi-fi, which uses frequencies in the microwave range similar to cell phones, is in our schools — from kindergartens to colleges. Cell towers are near playgrounds and on college campuses. Whole cities are going Wi-MAX.

There is published, peer-reviewed evidence of harm from non-thermal levels of exposure much lower than government standards that are based only on thermal, and short-term, effects. No officials are monitoring exposure levels, or tracking the health of students and staff. Potential cancer risks include leukemia and brain tumors. Although there is no scientific consensus, there are medical and environmental concerns that warrant attention.

With the combined expertise of researchers and clinicians around the world, Doctors for Safer Schools will increase medical awareness and make a worthy contribution to this public health education campaign.

Doctors' level of participation can vary: being a signatory with no active involvement, joining our online forum to discuss research, recommendations and clinical issues, or doing media interviews and lecturing. (A PowerPoint presentation is offered.)

Our Board's objectives:
- To seek out and provide accurate information for clinicians, parents, and school administrators regarding the potential risks and symptoms of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) exposure so they can make informed decisions, and provide physicians with details of related medical effects which are potentially dangerous and protocols;
- To recommend safer options and consider other technologies, while reviewing available epidemiological and clinical safety data (i.e. how schools can provide technological advantages without potentially endangering human health);
- To recommend future research regarding monitoring parameters and both short-term and long-term biological effects of EMR based on current scientific knowledge;
- To be a source of balanced information for the media as questions or concerns arise.

This Board is non-governmental and non-commercial, and is member and donor supported. Thus, we will maintain our integrity without being compromised by government or industry. The Board will not share contact information without consent, nor make any public statements without your knowledge and your opportunity for input. Members may abstain, or withdraw their names, at any time.


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