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06 June 2014

Canada: Martin Weatherall Announces His Candidacy for Mayor of Stratford

Martin Weatherall - Health, Safety and Common Sense

Martin Weatherall is announcing his candidacy for Mayor of Stratford.

Press Release, 26 May 2014

During the last four years with Dan Matheson as Mayor, Stratford Council has wasted time and money trying to win the title of 'most intelligent community'. During this time their efforts and those of Festival Hydro have probably done more to harm the City, endanger all its inhabitants and risk the future viability of Stratford than ever before.

Prior to the last election, when the city was planning to place Wi Fi routers on all the city streets and dangerous wireless 'smart meters' on all homes and all businesses, Martin Weatherall addressed City Council, including Matheson. He told them about the dangers of wireless microwave radiation (that these devices emit); he referred to many scientific links to cancer and serious biological effects caused by exposure to wireless radiation.

Later, he provided a compact computer disc to each Councilor, the Mayor and the City Clerk. Each disc contained many scientific documents showing many of the serious biological effects and illnesses that have been linked to wireless radiation exposure. The documents included the 'BioInitiative Report' www.bioinitiative.org an international review by specialists, of thousands of scientific studies that show adverse health and biological effects. Stratford Council and Festival Hydro ignored the evidence presented. They continued the installation of radiation emitting smart meters and then installed powerful industrial sized Wi Fi routers on most streets throughout the city. They ensured that every citizen was being subjected to powerful microwave radiation, from two different city owned sources, 24 hours a day, whether they wanted to or not. Since the installations, several Stratford citizens have reported serious adverse health effects, including heart problems, disturbed sleep, headaches and seizures.

The strong radiation that these devices emit has been classed by the World Health Organization as a 'possible carcinogen'. Other independent scientific studies indicate that wireless radiation is probably a powerful carcinogen, responsible for brain tumors, mouth tumors, ear tumors, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma and other cancers. A massive amount of research over many years has also shown serious fertility problems, depression, suicide, changes to blood composition, damage to DNA, changes to the nervous system and brain function, sleep disruption and effects on the immune system.

Besides their involvement in 'radiating the city', City Council has also failed in its responsibility to warn citizens of the 'serious dangers' of wireless radiation. This has led to many homeowners constantly being exposed to radiation from Wi Fi, cordless telephones, cell phones and other wireless devices. Many families think that they are safe, when in reality they are placing their families' health in serious long term danger because of false information and the lack of a credible warning. Why Mayor Matheson, City Council and Festival Hydro decided to ignore all the easily available scientific information is shocking but they may eventually have to explain their actions as more citizens develop serious illnesses caused by wireless radiation and die before their time.

The children of Stratford are our future and they should not be subjected to microwave radiation, (a genotoxin) in their homes, in their yards, on their streets, in their schools and in City recreational facilities. The City of Stratford has gone technology mad and has ignored all the warnings and the known dangers. This negligence makes a mockery of the 'smart community prize' attempt. Stratford Council's wireless madness must stop!

If Martin Weatherall is elected Mayor, the safety of Stratford citizens will be his first concern. Martin Weatherall will arrange an education program so that all Stratford citizens are made aware of wireless and electromagnetic radiation dangers and the great threats they pose to our future. They will be told how they can make their homes and businesses much safer and how they can use modern technology safely. Martin Weatherall will work to remove all Wi Fi devices from city streets and from city buildings. In some cities smart meters are being referred to as 'killer-meters', this is because of the many adverse health effects that they are causing and endangering lives. Martin Weatherall will work with electrical authorities to find ways to make smart meters safer and emit far less radiation during the day, and no radiation at night.

The most important time to avoid microwave radiation is during the sleeping hours when our bodies and our immune systems are being refreshed. Martin Weatherall will work with the Federal Government and Health Authorities to protect Stratford Citizens and visitors from wireless radiation during the 'sleeping hours', to make the City of Stratford the 'SafestCity in Canada'.

Running a City like Stratford needs common sense to deal with all issues. Martin Weatherall has demonstrated that ability during his years with the Royal Navy, a British newspaper, his career as a Toronto Police Officer, specializing in Forensic Identification and for the last several years as an environmental activist raising awareness of electro-magnetic radiation dangers (www.weepinitiative.org ). Besides the dangers to humans, many scientific studies show harm to birds, bees, frogs, insects, cows and house pets etc. Wi Fi, TV and radio radiation has even been shown to harm trees.

Although most residents do not realize it, Stratford is facing the greatest danger in its history. Fertility studies of males exposed to microwave radiation from cell phones have shown serious damage to sperm count quantity and quality. If DNA damage occurs to the eggs of young females (as scientist's have suggested may happen), the next generations may not be able to reproduce, or their offspring may be damaged. The City could then go into a severe decline. Illnesses caused by wireless radiation are also likely to overburden and endanger our entire health care system and leave everyone in further danger.

Martin Weatherall can be contacted by E-mail at weather@golden.net .

Further scientific information about the harm caused by electro magnetic radiation will be provided upon e-mail request.

(Appearing in WEEP News, 27 May 2014)

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