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08 August 2014

Electrosmog: A Step Towards Public Awareness-Raising

Electrosmog can cause blindness in calves.
As an individual, you too can raise awareness of the public regarding the issue of electromagnetic radiation and wireless technology by contributing editorials to newspapers and magazines.

A Step Towards Public Awareness-Raising

Re: article entitled, “The Confederation want to measure electrosmog” (24heures, 30 June 2014)
Letter of the Day, Readers’ Mail, 24heures,  22 July 2014

This article demonstrates a step towards awareness-raising of the public on the issue of the long-term effects of non-ionizing radiation. It has been scientifically shown that wireless gadgets, high-voltage power lines and certain household appliances emit waves having detrimental health effects, especially on children. We must cease spreading the impression that certain damaging biological effects are generated by “fear” of waves. Electrosmog can cause, among others, infertility and cancer in man, blindness in calves, damage to trees, and the disappearance of bees.

We fear that the monitoring system will be conceived to show that the emissions of antennas will be well within the limits tolerated by biological systems. As for waves emitted by Wi-Fi, smartphones, and cordless DECT phones – major sources of exposure – the responsibility of limiting them will fall on the individual. Switching off Wi-Fi and cordless phones outside periods of use will also reduce waves in the dwellings of neighbors. Texting instead of calling in public transport will equally limit the exposure of passengers.

We are, however, so dependent on our gadgets and so ignorant of their health effects – in part, thanks to the greed of the industry and to misinformation – that at the end of the day, no one will assume responsibility. The number of people afflicted by sickness linked to electrosmog will grow and health costs will soar, while we will blame other habits: poor diet, alcohol abuse, smoking, lack of exercise.

Meris Michaels, Geneva

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