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31 August 2014

Northern Ireland Parent Attempting to Protect His Children from Wi-Fi Forcibly Given Psychotic Drugs

You will never read this story in the mainstream media... Please contact the authorities to request Mr. Clarke's release from the psychiatric hospital.

N. Ireland parent attempting to protect his children from Wi-Fi forcibly given psychotic drugs — #freeStephenClarke
Posted on August 28, 2014, smartmeterharm.org

International experts are increasingly warning about the impacts of wireless radiation exposure to all of us, especially children.

Stephen Clarke protested Wi-Fi in his children’s school in Northern Ireland. It was a peaceful protest to raise awareness to this issue.

For doing that, he was incarcerated at a psychiatric hospital in Belfast, Northern Ireland, and is being forcibly medicated. He has been held there for over 11 weeks.

This is in complete violation of his civil rights and is a frightening suppression of peaceful protest and free speech by British authorities.

Please contact authorities at the addresses below and demand his release. Please post this to websites and distribute to your contacts, particularly regarding this denial of basic civil rights.

Stephen is being held at

Mater Hospital
45-54 Crumlin Road
Belfast BT14 6AB
Great Britain

Send cards and letters to him there, as well as letters of protest regarding his incarceration and forced medication.

He also has citizenship in Canada.

The Human Rights Commission can be contacted here:

Rhyannon Blythe BL
Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission
Temple Court 39 North Street
Belfast BT1 1NA
Tel: (028) 90243987
Fax: (028) 90247844
Email: rhyannon.blythe@nihrc.org

A Twitter campaign #FreeStephenClarke has been proposed.

Please do anything you can to help Stephen.

For more information and a timeline of events:...

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