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02 October 2014

'4G Antennae May Worsen Health Issues

‘4G antennae may worsen health issues’
HT Correspondent, hindustartimes.com, 2 October 2014

Mumbai: American scientist and epidemiologist, Dr. Devra Davis, on Tuesday said the rise of the fourth generation (4G) industry in India would subsequently lead to a rise in radiation emissions, which would, in turn, aggravate suspected health risks.

Davis, who served as a lead author on the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change- a group that was awarded the nobel prize in 2007 with former US vice president, Al Gore – was in the city addressing mediapersons.

“Unlike countries in the West, where mobile towers are located at a greater height from the ground, in India there are clusters of mobile phone antennau located on roos and sidewalls, which are more harmful. With 4G, around 800 watts of power could be emitted from the antennae from one roof,” said Davis.

She said the impact of any form of radiation depended on the nature of the waves, and the irregularity of the pulsed radiation wave emitted from mobile phones were more disruptive. “Mobile phone usage should be minimized the most amongst children, as their skull is thinner and has more fluid, making them more prone to brain cancer.”

“We are not against the telecom industry, but precautions must be adopted”, said actor and anti-radiation campaigner, Juhi Chawla, who was present at the press conference.


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