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EMF Studies

14 October 2014

Electrohypersensitivity Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines

In this excellent article, a physician describes his diagnosis of electromagnetic hypersensitivity and discusses what we know about this functional impairment and how to diagnose and treat it. Following is an extract from the article, describing guidelines for physicians. Dr. Eberle turned to members of the group, Swiss Doctors for the Environment, and the Austrian Medical Association Guidelines for information and guidance.

What’s the diagnosis, doctor?
Scott Eberle, MD, Sonoma Medicine, Fall 2014

Guidelines for Physicians

According to the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, the number of EHS cases is on the rise. As a physician, how might you help patients who come to you with EHS symptoms?

I turn again to Europe for information and guidance. I have been in regular contact with two members of the aforementioned Swiss Doctors for the Environment, both to receive consultation about my own health situation and to gather general advice for physicians caring for patients with EHS. The following recommendations combine advice received from these experts, a review of the Austrian Medical Association guidelines, and my own experience. [Read the article for a fuller explanation of the recommendations.]...

- Take the patient’s symptoms seriously.

- Take a full history and physical

- Have the patient keep a detailed symptom diary

- Help the patient design exposure experiments to confirm or deny a suspected cause

- Advise the patient to take simple steps toward reducing EMF exposure

-If indicated, encourage the patient to have EMF levels evaluated at home and at work

- Recommend a diagnostic camping trip

- Encourage a healthy lifestyle

- Consider aerobic exercise with heavy sweating soon after an EMF exposure

- Encourage cultivation of the relaxation response

- Support the patient’s exploration of complementary therapies

- Refer for counseling as indicated



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