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20 October 2014

Samsung's Mobile VR Headset Uses Your Tablet as a Screen

Samsung has revealed it has been working on a
consumer virtual reality headset.
Would you strap this cumbersome electromagnetic radiation-emitting gadget around your head?!

Samsung's Mobile VR Headset Uses Your Tablet as a Screen
(part of previous article from Daily Mail online, 13 October 2014)

Samsung is working with virtual reality firm, Oculus Rift, to develop a consumer VR headset.

Called the Samsung Gear VR, users slip a Note 3 tablet into the headset to provide the screen. The firm says it will start selling the headset to 'innovators' this year.

'Powered by Oculus technology, the Samsung Gear VR delivers a completely new way to experience and consume mobile content,' Samsung said.

It is believed Samsung provided the hardware, while Oculus provided the software. It's consumer headset, called the rift, is not expected to go on sale to the public until next year.

The firm has also partnered with several game development firms to develop content for the gadget.

The headset, in development under the name 'Project Morpheus', is designed to project images that shift along with the movements of a gamer's head.


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