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28 February 2015

Electro-Sensitivity and Disability Discrimination: Open letter

Below is a disability letter from the Electrosensitivity UK website -  www.es.uk-info, which you can print off and give to anyone who is acting in a discriminatory manner towards you, or who is failing to provide reasonable accommodation to prevent you from experiencing symptoms linked to EMR exposure.  A .pdf version is available, and this letter may also be of use to EHS sufferers in other countries.www.es.uk-info


Electro-Sensitivity and Disability Discrimination (Equality Act, 2010)

December 2014

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to support the person who has given you this letter. This person suffers from Electro-sensitivity, a condition adversely affecting the body’s biological systems. This can make the person disabled by electro-magnetic pollution.

27 February 2015

Lloyd's of London Excludes Coverage for RF/EMR Claims

"Lloyd's of London is one of the largest insurers in the world and often leads the way in protection, taking on risks that no one else will. Attached is a recent renewal policy which, as of Feb. 7, 2015, excludes any coverage associated with exposure to non-ionizing radiation. [View original article.]  In response to clarification, this response was received on Feb. 18, 2015 from CFC Underwriting LTD, London, UK agent for Lloyd's:

"'The Electromagnetic Fields Exclusion (Exclusion 32) is a General Insurance Exclusion and is applied across the market as standard. The purpose of the exclusion is to exclude cover for illnesses caused by continuous long-term non-ionising radiation exposure i.e. through mobile phone usage." 

Lloyd's of London excludes coverage for RF/EMR claims
Citizens for Safe Technology, 22 February 2015

Letter to Government from Sharon Noble - Director of Coalition to Stop Smart Meters in BC

Premier Clark, Mr. Bennett and Mr. Reimer,

RE: Lloyd's of London excludes coverage for claims caused by exposure to non-ionizing radiation.

"Based on inaccurate information provided by ITRON, Health Canada and Dr. Perry Kendall, you have been telling people that there is no health risk due to prolonged exposure to radiation from smart meters on homes and wifi in school -- this despite your having received 100s of studies by independent researchers and many letters from scientists and doctors to the contrary.

09 February 2015

Cell Phones May Cause Hearing Loss

Cell phone may cause hearing loss: Study
thehansindia.com, 7 February 2015

Expert prescribes remedy for dealing with ill-effects of gadget

Guntur: Excessive use of cell phones can trigger a host of health problems among users. According to a study, indiscriminate use of cell phone by indulging in non-stop talk for 20 minutes every day will cause hearing loss over a period of time. Other health hazards over long-term use of cell phone are feverishness, sleeplessness, sleep disruption, migraine, palpitations of the heart, dizziness, irreversible infertility, DNA damage, immune system degradation and arising of cardiovascular problems due to exposure to electro-magnetic radiation.

06 February 2015

Wi-Fi Banned from Nurseries in France

Wifi banned from nurseries in France
Powerwatch, 5 February 2015

In an unprecedented move, France have passed a law regarding children's exposure to wireless devices by entirely banning WiFi in nursery / daycare settings, and restricted in primary schools to only be enabled when actively being used for education.

Not only does this demonstrate an awareness and proactive approach to mitigate potential harm from radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, it also demonstrates the first national implementation of the precautionary principle with regards to managing the prevalance of wireless technology.

Dariusz recently covered this issue and Finland's official reaction appears to be one of ambivalence: "we've already told people to limit their exposure in 2009, so we've done our bit" despite the use of wireless gadgets becoming obligatory in primary and nursery schools in the country. It's clear that without a legislative approach, people will not voluntarily choose to limit their exposure even if you explain that there might be reasons for them to do so.

03 February 2015

France: New Law on Electromagnetic Fields and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Sets Precedent

New French Law Sets Precedent
Cellular Phone Task Force, 29 January 2015

Today [29 January 2015] the French Parliament passed a law addressing electromagnetic fields and electromagnetic hypersensitivity. While the new law does not go nearly far enough, it is the first of its kind in the world. Among its provisions are the following:

1. Anyone who intends to build one or more radio installations regulated by the ANFR (France's equivalent of the FCC) must submit to the local government, if requested by the mayor, calculations of electromagnetic fields that will be generated. This information must be made available
to the public.

2. A national dialogue committee on levels of public exposure to electromagnetic fields is created within the ANFR. This committee will give information to all stakeholders. The ANFR will give annual reports to the dialogue committee on the results of all electromagnetic field measurements in France as well as measures taken to reduce exposure levels at "atypical" locations where the levels are greater than usual. The ANFR will compile a annual census of atypical exposure locations and
periodically report on measures taken to reduce exposure at such locations.

02 February 2015

Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

Radiation Therapy: The Shocking Truth the Cancer Industry Doesn’t Want You to Know
by Mark David, endalldisease.com,

After radiation therapy proved itself to be not only a failure but also fatal to initial test subjects, the medical industry simply changed the dose, manipulated statistics and re-branded the treatment as a breakthrough for curing cancer.

It’s no surprise that cancer treatment with radiation damages the body and causes more cancer. In fact, it is even admitted on the National Cancer Institute website that radiation therapy causes cancer. Even if you survive the high doses of radiation, your health will be damaged to the point where the remainder of your life is lived in agonizing pain, with numerous potentially-fatal complications and diseases arising later in life as a result of the radiation.

So why are people still submitting to radiation for their cancer?

The answer is simple. An ignorant and uninformed population will do anything their doctors tell them to, even in the face of abundant evidence indicating great peril associated with it. For those who are okay with living in ignorance and trusting their doctors, you reap what you sow and I wish you the best. For those who choose to inform themselves before making decisions, this article was written to illuminate as much about radiation therapy as possible.