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21 February 2015

France: Michèle Rivasi: "We Need to Create a Safe Zone for Electrosensitive Persons

"We need to create a safe zone for electro (sensitives)" - 
12 February 2015

Michèle Rivasi, MEP Europe Ecologie Les Verts, wants to create a refuge area for electro-hypersensitive, both to protect them from electromagnetic pollution and better understand its effects. A first in Europe.

Paris Match. Why do you create a white area in France? 

Michèle Rivasi. To help, but also to better understand the electro-hypersensitive people who suffer in silence and sometimes live on the margins of society. In 2008, I was contacted by the association A land for EHS was looking for a place devoid of electromagnetic pollution in my area, the Drôme. The former mayor of Saint-Julien-en-Beauchene, who helped two women EHS living in a cave, immediately proposed a holiday center in her town where cell phones do not pass. Since we want to make this remote area a rest area where EHS could relax for six months, but also a place for research on electromagnetic hypersensitivity.

What will the research?

We would combine a scientific team ANSES this project could study the various symptoms suffered by these people. The absence of electromagnetic pollution would better understand the effects of dissociated and associated telephone network to the Internet or Bluetooth for example. These people would answer a detailed questionnaire on their arrival. It would be a first in Europe.

How is France compared to its European neighbors on this issue?

In France, it is very Cartesian, one needs to understand everything before acting. The Swedes ask fewer questions if a person present deficiencies, is overdue, it is recognized as a disability and receives aid. In Sweden, where the laptop appeared very early, the EHS are not so marginalized, they can be accommodated in nursing centers. Also in Germany, the electro-hypersensitivity is recognized as an occupational disease. In Austria, a haven for EHS and people with multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) was opened in Zurich with the support of the city in late 2013. Our project is the most ambitious and should interest many Europeans. No DM


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