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07 March 2015

New York: Kuyahoora Valley: Push for Answers on Radar

OUR VIEW: Push for answers on radar
uticaod.com, 5 March 2015

Years of hard work by concerned citizens who rallied public support led the state Department of Health to investigate what might be causing an unusual number of rare cancers in Herkimer County’s Kuyahoora Valley. The action was prompted after six children in that area developed pediatric cancers between spring 2011 and summer 2013, leading Newport resident Melissa Lowell and the “Kuyahoora Valley — What’s Making Us Sick” Facebook group to push for a state investigation.

Similar public persistence is needed now to make eight military-grade radar towers in Newport part 
of that state investigation.

The health department’s investigation is expected to take 18 to 24 months. A spokesperson wrote recently in an email that the studies “will involve identification of cases and evaluation of information about possible risk factors.” The spokesperson wouldn’t specifically say whether the department’s investigation will include the radar facility.

It should. And the good people of the Kuyahoora Valley who have dedicated themselves to this issue must remain persistent and insist that the health department be accountable.

The radar towers on Irish and Tanner hills emit various frequencies of electromagnetic radiation, testing the latest electronic warfare technology. Unlike similar testing facilities in the desert that are located many miles from residential neighborhoods, these radars are about three miles from the village of Newport. Some have suggested that they could be a problem.

Stewart Simonson, a chemical engineer from Atlanta, has been studying various radar stations for more than two years. He’s worked to build a database of more than 1,500 stations, which he and others have searched for correlations between the towers and human, as well as animal, disease.
Simonson’s book, “Honey, They Cooked The Kids (Illustrated): How Pulsed Microwave Radars are Destroying all Biology,” claims Doppler microwave radiation from weather, FAA and military radars is being scattered by our atmosphere and irradiating humans as well as all plants and animals, damaging DNA and increasing cancers, autism and other oxidative stress related diseases. He has found that areas around the country with high amounts of chronic wasting disease — in which deer and elk have distinctive brain lesions — often are located close to a high-powered military radar system.

Further, Deborah Kopald an environmental health and public policy consultant and author with degrees from Harvard and MIT, wrote in a Sept. 18, 2014, blog that some people who lived too close to TV broadcast and radar towers developed symptoms of Microwave Sickness, a condition observed in military and industrial occupational settings during the Cold War. Microwave Sickness accelerated as warnings and recommendations were ignored, she wrote, and transmitters were placed closer to living and working environments; radiation exposure is driven more by proximity to the transmitter than by its total power output.

Whether the Newport towers could be a factor in the local cancer problem remains to be seen. The people of the Kuyahoora Valley deserve an answer, and the state health department should deliver it.


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