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02 April 2015

2013 Letter to Danish Parliament on the Increasing Aggravation of the Health Status of the Population as a Result of Electromagnetic Radiation

Following is a letter dated 3 March 2013 from Eva Theilgaard Jacobsen, M.A.Psychology, Specialist in psychotherapy, and Susanne Bølling, M.A.Psychology, addressed to the Danish Parliament’s Health and Prevention Committee in Copenhagen on "the increasing aggravation of the health status of the population with particular  focus on neurological/neuropsychological injuries as a result of  electromagnetic  radiation".  It discusses the sharp increase in brain cancers, multiple somatic symptoms, stress, depression, ADHD, Alzheimer's... in the Danish population, concluding that one and a quarter million Danes are suffering from neurological diseases.  The bibliography at the end of the letter cites 53 useful references to studies, appeals, and other documents on this issue.

Audience, 19 mars 2013:
The increasing aggravation of the health status of the population with particular  focus on neurological/neuropsychological injuries as a result of electromagnetic  radiation.

Exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF), especially from radio frequency (microwave
frequency) radiation (RFR/MWR) from mobile phones and mast transmitters (GSM, 3G, 4G) wireless (DECT) phones, wireless laptops, tablets, e-readers, wireless networks (Wi-Fi, WLAN, Wi-Max, TETRA, etc.) wireless meters ("smart meters") for measuring electricity, water and heating consumption as well as a wide range of other wireless technology, is threatening public health.

In 2011, The World Health Organisation (IARC) updated its warning about the risks to the individual, the environment and professional life, of cancer as a result of radiation from this technology. The radiation represents not only a risk fordeveloping cancer, but also other diseases. The health and functional capacity of current and future generations is in jeopardy.

In addition to individual suffering, it will entail enormous economic costs to society.  As responsible psychologists with insight into the problem, we are very concerned and anticipate that the damage inflicted on health by the radiation will have an explosive effect on the welfare state. The fact that the National Board of Health denies the potential public health disaster which we are facing and overrides the precautionary ALARA principle means that, in the words of the EEA's director Jacqueline McGlade, it is "failing in its duty to protect the Danish people” (1).

Non-ionizing EMF / RF radiation, like nuclear radiation, cannot be seen, heard, smelt, tasted or felt. The radiation can not be sensed by humans, who therefore have greatdifficulty in understanding that they are being subjected to a harmful environmental contamination. Consequently, they are unable to see the link between their physical and psychological symptoms and radiation.

None the less, all of us without exception - pregnant women and fetuses, infants, children, adults, the elderly and the sick - are being irradiated with (huge) non-thermal wave intensities. The ICNIRP Safety Standards, which Denmark follows, do not give us any protection. (2)

Year in and year out, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, even when we sleep, we are all exposed non-
stop to RF radiation which is insidiously laying the foundation for disease.  The intensity of the irradiation is on a yearly increase which has now reached astronomical levels, and which has never ever before existed on our planet, radiation which we as biological creatures are not adapted to.

The radiation penetrates everything: buildings, walls, ceilings, floors, windows, the metal bodywork of cars, buses and trains and through human bodies, where it is absorbed.  Here it interferes with atomic, molecular and cellular processes, including the body's own electrical field, cell communications, and DNA. This results in non-thermal adverse effects on virtually every biological level (i.e. damage which has nothing to do with the heating of body tissue).

Several thousands of scientific reports made by independent researchers, who are themselves not involved in any conflicts of interest, have without any doubt demonstrated that these adverse effects are very serious. The injuries include damage to DNA, as well as to the immunological, reproductive and nervous/ neurological systems, and to cognition and development (2).

As psychologists, we base our starting point in our profession. We therefore refer only
to some of the neurological / neuro-psychological / behavioural injuries which EMFs /EMR causes, and which have been documented both in vitro and in vivo, by case-studies, double-blind studies and epidemiological studies. Here is a selection of references:

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