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19 April 2015

British Columbia: Retired Expert in Cancer Research Offers His Experience to Help Educate People About Harm Posed by Wireless Devices

Cancer and Wireless Radiation
Source: WEEP News, 18 April 2015

We are very fortunate to have an expert in cancer research. Dr. Malcolm Paterson, move to BC, having retired after many years devoted to this topic. He is now offering his experience to help educate people about the harm posed by wireless devices.

Over the last couple of months he has made several presentations, and has graciously offered use of his power point to anyone who might find it useful. It can be found at
http://www.stopsmartmetersbc.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/EM Age Sleeping Giant.pdf along with his CV.

If anyone has any questions you may reach him at him email macpaterson@hotmail.com.

Dr. Paterson wants this power point to be used and shared widely.


Malcolm Paterson, who is now retired and living in Okanagan Falls, BC, spent his entire 40-year career in cancer research. He is a graduate of Royal Military College (BSc), Queen’s University [MSc (Biology)]; and University of Tennessee [PhD (Biomedical Sciences)]. In his last position (2002-2008), Dr. Paterson served as the inaugural Group Scientific Director, Singapore Health Services Pte Ltd; and Chair, Division of Research, Singapore General Hospital, the island state’s flagship hospital. He was also Professor (Adjunct) of Biochemistry, National University of Singapore and headed the Genome Maintenance Lab, National Cancer Center, Singapore. The Lab was devoted to the study of genotoxic stress-sensing (i.e. cell-cycle control and DNA repair) mechanisms and their deregulation in underpinning human cancer causation. In his previous post (1996-2002), Dr. Paterson chaired the Department of Biological and Medical Research, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. During this period, his research focused on a group of Saudi Arabian women with a high incidence of early-onset breast cancer.

Prior to moving abroad, he spent 11 years (1985-96) as Heritage Medical Scientist of the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research at the Cross Cancer Institute, Edmonton. In this post he served as inaugural Director of the Molecular Oncology Program with multiple cross-appointments to the University of Alberta as Professor of Biochemistry, Oncology, Pediatrics and Genetics. At CCI, his research delved into environmental and hereditary interactions underlying human cancer, and genetic susceptibilities to breast cancer. The latter was particularly rewarding as collaboration with Dr. Dennis Slamon at UCLA contributed at an early stage to Dr. Slamon’s pioneering development of Herceptin as an effective antibody-based therapy for breast cancer. Dr. Paterson has received a number of honors and awards for his research contributions including: Research Award (Radiation Research Society); Edna Roe Memorial Lecturer (Comité Internationale de Photobiologie); and Malcolm Brown Memorial Award (Canadian Federation of Biological Societies). Thanks to the efforts of superb groups of trainees, including 60 postdoctoral/MD fellows, and numerous colleagues throughout his career, Dr. Paterson authored 168 scientific articles, spoke at 120 scientific meetings and delivered 200 lectures at various medical centers and universities in 18 countries.


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