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11 April 2015

Revolutionary SQUID Wristband Provides A Real Time Analysis Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation

Revolutionary SQUID Wristband Provides A Real Time Analysis Of Exposure To Electromagnetic Radiation

Today, Alexandre Despallieres and Xin Wei have announced a revolutionary connected wristband which measures the level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation in real time.

SQUID is the epitome of lightness and technology. It is very light, pleasant to wear and doesn't require any batteries nor has it to be charged. Endowed with the best technologies available, it uses and recycles the energy derived from the ambient electromagnetic radiation field to work.

SQUID is the new revolutionary connected wristband. This technology jewel is the first wristband able to analyze in real time your level of exposure to electromagnetic radiation. From WIFI and 3G-4G radiations to relay antennas, your wristband will let you know your current degree of exposure to ambient radiations in a clear, in addition to monitoring heart rate and body temperature, precise yet simple way.

As easy to use as it is practical, it will also inform you when you reach a critical level of exposure that could harm you. The intersection between health monitoring and wearable devices will be an important reality moving forward.

The Wristband is part of an extensive product range that uses the same efficient and ecological technology to run.

Customers can benefit from his efficient and useful functions as an answer to cope with electromagnetic pollution issues.

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SQUID was founded in February 2014. Their products were developed for more than two years. The companies mission is to recycle energy from electromagnetic pollution and convert in continuous electricity to supply everyday’s product. SQUID provides to families an education tools to minimize the massive exposure of electromagnetic pollution and the effects of passive radiation on younger health. The companies domain of expertise is the intersection between health and technology with solid backgrounds in such diverse disciplines as Mathematics, IT and physical chemistry.


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Alexandre Despallieres / Xin Wei


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