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02 April 2015

France: SDF Electrosensitive Persons: Open Letter to Public Officials and the Media

Open Letter to Public Officials and the Media drawn up by a group of SDF electrosensitive persons (EHS persons having no permanent place to live)
Robin des Toits, 1st April 2015 (translated from French by the Editor of this blog)

We, electrohypersensitive persons, currently condemned to a nomadic life due to our intolerance to artificial electromagnetic waves from wireless technologies, medically certified, and to the increasing invasion by the latter in our environment, wish to make known to policy-makers and to the media the following demands:

Difficult living conditions

The situation of the SDF EHS persons is unbearable. For those concerned, simple survival requires one's entire energy, which has already been greatly diminished. These persons can no longer continue to flee incessantly, drive endlessly around when the means permit them, sleep in forests summer and winter, in holes like rats, even on the ground, and suffer so much without being able to protect themselves. It is one move after another; one thinks one has found shelter and then has to leave because of the continual increase in the power of relay antennas and other emitters.

For quality information and assumption of responsibilities by public officials

Concerning the sites of placement of relay antennas and their power level, viable and sound information must be diffused by the operators in order for EHS persons to be able to plan a sustainable way of life. The State must finally take up its responsibilities in this domain: each politician must be capable of providing answers, without continually bowing to economic forces. France must finally align itself with norms to be respected in the field of health, defined by Resolution 1815 of the Council of Europe; this is not the case today. It is vital that exposure to artificial electromagnetic waves be reduced in general in order to avoid an increase in cases of electrohypersensitivity.

Finally recognize this intoxication and environmental illness 

Electrohypersensitive persons are asking for recognition of their condition as environmental victims in order to be treated with consideration, to be socially integratedm and taken into account; they are expressing an urgent need for social and material assistance. The impression of being excluded from society is very real and difficult.

The creation of adapted places is urgent

Creation of emergency places to live away from waves is necessary ("white zones" or "clearer zones"), otherwise, displacing the radiation beams of relay antennas where EHS persons would be able to finally control somewhat what is happening to them, where at least they would be able to recharge themselves if only for a few weeks and given the time to find adapted lodging.

Adequate lodging must be created in places of permanent lodging for EHS persons. This could consist of social housing at a moderate rent, for example in the form of a percentage; for a number of these lodgings created, a part would be foreseen for EHS MCS (multiple chemical sensitivity) with special materials in order to allow these persons to lead a normal life with employment. Also, communes could buy lodgings for this purpose, notably isolated dwellings, camping grounds, natural recreation areas...  Subventions allowing refurbishing of the dwelling (painting, filters, special curtains) could equally be a solution.

Adapted therapies and treatment centers

For the most part, physicians are not trained to diagnose electrohypersensitivity, intoxications and emerging environmental illnesses; it is urgent to train them. Today, there exists the problem of access to treatment for "socially dislocated" EHS persons. given that these persons have no money, following the loss of employment.

Current treatment centers are not adapted to EHS persons, translating into a waste of money. In the psychiatric service, one day of hospitalization of an EHS persons costs between 600 and 700 Euros for prescription of inappropriate and useless medicines.

Emergency medical cells and treatment units protected from waves must also be foreseen in hospitals in order to allow EHS persons to be cared for without added suffering (surgery and other care). Resource centers exist for persons suffering from cancer: relaxation, sophrology, and nutrition workshops... Each recognizes that holistic treatment allows one to fare better. Why not the same thing for EHS persons?

Inform and educate the public

It is very important to educate the general public which finds it hard to understand "non-tactile, invisible and odorless" electromagnetic fields: leaflets, films, videos... can contribute to attaining this objective. Public officials must publish and disseminate those which already exist from associations.

EHS testimony [poem not translated]

Porte-Parole national

Correspondence : 33 rue d'Amsterdam 75008 Paris
Tel. : 33 1 47 00 96 33

E-mail : contact@robindestoits.org

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