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12 July 2015

Call for Electrosensitives for New Study

Gunnar Heuser M.D. Ph.D.
This item would be of interest to electrosensitives living in California.  It is followed by a description of Dr. Heuser's work and experience.

Call for Electrsosensitives for New Study - from Liz Barris 
July 2015

Hello All,

It is my intent to prove electrosensitivity (illness caused by wireless products and infrastructure, dirty electricity stray voltage, etc.) in a court of law in the US. Not workman's comp court or small claims court (although that too is important) but in regular state or federal court.

To achieve this end, we are going to need peer reviewed, published studies proving it. For this purpose, a short while ago, I sought out Dr. Heuser (physician behind fire fighters brain scans in IAFF - report) due to his work on the fire fighters IAFF and his excellent track record as an expert witness for chemical sensitives who have won their cases. The timing was right as he told me he was coming out of retirement to work on the EMF issue and agreed to do a study that we can use in court should the results yield what we believe they will.


When electrosensitives get MRIs to see what is wrong with them, their scans usually come out clear or normal, yet they know things are most definitely NOT normal. However, Dr. Heuser has found some ground breaking results with regards to functional MRI (as opposed to regular MRI) where neurological damage can be shown in electrosensitives. My functional MRI came out positive for neurological damage, consistent with the 3 other electrosensitives in the study who also showed such damage.

We are currently seeking 6 more electrosensitives to participate in this study. Participation will include undergoing a functional MRI and possibly a mast cell test (skin biopsy) along with possibly an additional blood test . I have thus far completed both the functional MRI and mast cell test. We have not gotten results back yet from my mast cell test, but the most important exam is the functional MRI.

If you are electrosensitive or know of an electrosensitive that would like to participate in this study please forward this email to them. They can call with me with questions 310-281-9639 or call Dr. Heuser directly at 360-437-0919. He is currently traveling but will return your call upon his return in about a week.

Just to let you know, as an electrosensitive, I did react to the MRI, so whoever is participating in the study should know that you may also react to it. Also these medical tests have to be paid for by us through our insurance if we have it, as there is no major funding for this study at this time.

To read about Dr. Heuser, please visit his new website...
http://emfdoc.com/about.html [See below.]

Thank you so much for your help and participation in this ground breaking, evidentiary study on electrosensitivity. Here's to our great success with this study and a much needed successful lawsuit proving electrosensitivity in the US.

Liz Barris




About Gunnar Heuser M.D. Ph.D.

Personal Statement by Dr. Heuser:

I have seen several thousand patients over the years in my capacity as a clinical toxicologist. They were seen, evaluated and treated after exposure to toxic chemicals. I published my findings in a number of peer reviewed journals, with special emphasis on neurotoxicology and immunotoxicology (see my CV).  [See below.]
While considering retirement, I recently came across more and more patients who claimed health effects from exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMF) and also sensitivity to even small amounts of EMF (eg. cell phone frequencies, cell phone towers, microwaves, and related electrical currents). Sensitivity to EMF has also been described as EHS (Electrical HyperSensitivity).
Since the issue of potential EMF health effects is gaining increasing importance, I decided to come out of retirement and make this issue my exclusive interest. My motto for almost a generation has always been: Healing with science and compassion.

Dr. Heuser

Dr. Heuser is a practicing physician of international reputation. He has coauthored several books and written numerous scientific papers and abstracts. He has been an invited speaker all over the United States as well as Europe, South America and Australia.

Doctor Heuser has designed an objective, standardized testing protocol to document EMF related injuries.

After completion of his medical degree in Germany he immigrated to Canada and graduated with a Ph.D. degree studying with the famous stress expert, Hans Selye. He also was an intern and then resident at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. He finally became a Diplomat in Internal Medicine (McGill University).

While he had an offer to join research teams at the National Institute of Health (NIH) and also at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, he chose to work at UCLA. He eventually joined a research team at the UCLA Brain Research Institute (BRI) of which he became a member. However, after several years of pure research, he missed working with "human" patients and then chose to enter private practice as a clinician.

Somewhere between seeing patients, doing research, publishing, speaking, and testifying in court as an expert witness he found the time to:

· Participate in Calif. State Senator Mark’s subcommittee on MCS and the Disabilities Act Compliance.

· Testify before the Calif. State Senate on behalf of MCS patients needing safe public places.

· Serve on an advisory committee to U.S. congressman Bernard Sanders, investigating carpet toxicity.

· Testify to U.S. Congressmen regarding carpet toxicity and the Gulf War Syndrome.

· Present the health effects of toxic chemicals to the Washington State Labor and Industry Board.

· Appear before the EPA with comments regarding chemical effects on human health.

· Attend by invitation the World Forum in 1996 and participate in the Environmental Health Committee discussions.

· Go into the field and evaluate victims of toxic spills in the United States, Europe and Australia

· Become a consultant to the ROA Department of California, Persian Gulf War Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment Committee.

· Become a consultant to the Olympic Co-ordination Authority (Sidney, Australia), 1999-2000.

· Function as a Medical Advisor for the International Hyperbaric Association

This is in essence an "in the trenches" doctor who has used his experience as much as possible to inform the public and his colleagues of the potentially devastating effects of environmental and electromagnetic exposure.

Dr. Heuser reads and speaks fluent German and some French.


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