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02 July 2015

Switzerland - Published Comments on Electrosmog - 3

Comments by the Editor of this blog, published in Swiss newspapers.

The Death of Bees:  Monitor Cell Phone Radiation
Tribune de Genève, 16-17 June 2012

Research has shown that electromagnetic pollution emitted by wireless technology can affect the health of living creatures. It is not only pesticides and parasites that are contributing to the disappearance of bees.

According to a Swiss study published in the journal, Apidology, waves emitted by this technology can have an impact on the behavior of bees, inducing alarm signals from the workers bees announcing either preparation to swarm or reflecting important perturbations in the colony.

A study by the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Zurich, has noted an increased risk of cataracts in calves raised near a mobile phone antenna. The risk disappeared after taking down the antenna. We cannot accuse these creatures, sensitive to waves, of being hypochondriacs, as one wrongly judges “electrosensitive” persons.

Like animals and insects, these people suffer biological perturbations. However, we prefer to discard the idea that the waves emitted by the gadgets which please us and which are useful can one day lead to serious problems for our health and life in general, including the disappearance of pollinators (bees, birds, bats) on which depends a large part of our agriculture and hence, our food supply.

Poison Apple?
Tribune de Genève, 19 October 2012

"Applephiles" are rushing to buy iPhone5.  Apple has sold 5 million in the first three days of its being marketed.  Reflecting on the disastrous environmental and social consequences created by these gadgets makes the apple less succulent:  exhausting natural resources, destroying ecosystems, violating the human rights of workers, toxic waste... Friends of the Earth attributes to Apple the distinction of being the "champion of obsolescence", citing characteristics such as the impossibility to remove the battery and update the operating system for older models, and spare parts which change with each new model.

An asset of this apple?  Maybe the fact that it's difficult to slip an iPhone5 into one's pocket.  Thanks to the electromagnetic waves it emits, keeping a cell phone in the pocket damages male fertility.

Beware of Antennas!
Tribune de Genève, 14 November 2012

Switzerland is launching the fourth generation of mobile telephony.  In order to do this, it must install new antennas.  At what price to health?  Are operators taking care not to install these near sensitive places such as schools, nurseries, and hospitals?  The electromagnetic radiation from mobile phone antennas can be harmful to health, especially that of children and electrosensitive persons, estimated to comprise 5% of the population.  Recently, the commune of Landeron (NE) voted unanimously (33 to 0) to support the motion aimed to halt reckless installation of several mobile phone antennas in the commune.  Other communes are putting in place similar plans.  The "Association alerte aux ondes électromagnetiques" encourages this initiative.  Such associations are not opposed to technological progress, but rather to the anarchical placement of cell phone antennas in sensitive locations, including residential neighborhoods.

Protect Our Children Better
24 heures, 21 March 2013

Exposure of children at a very young age to Bisphenol A (BPA) can increase predisposition to cancer, cause attention problems and is implicated in obesity and diabetes.  The Swiss Federal Office for Public Health (OFSP), however, is of the opinion that the "level of exposure to BPA through food does not pose a risk to newborns and babies".

Electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones, classified as possibly carcinogenic by WHO, has health risks:  brain tumors, neurological and behavioral disorders.  Children, who have more fragile and smaller skulls, absorb more radiation than adults.  If a child begins using a cell phone at a very young age, the exposure accumulated during his lifetime significantly increases the risk of a brain tumor.  The Belgian Ministers of Health and of Consumer Protection presented a plan for a Royal decree aimed at banning advertising specifically targeting children under age 14 and the sale of devices conceived especially for children under age 7.

Swisscom is offering a cell phone subscription for children from age 6.  The OFSP notes "a lack of current knowledge of the health effects of cell phone radiation".  It recommends precautionary measures to be taken to reduce radiation:  favor SMS, use headsets, avoid calling during rapid movement.

The Swiss authorities should better regulate these products:  ban advertising and sale (for under 7-year-olds) and make warnings visible, in order to protect children.  The health of future generations rests on this.

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