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28 August 2015

Comments on BMJ Article: Should all NHS Premises Provide Free Access to Wi-Fi?

Re: Should all NHS premises provide free access to wi-fi?
Comment on BMJ article by Stephanie Dickerson, Teacher, Hoschton, GA, USA, 16 August 2015

"Should ALL NHS premises provide..." I capitalize "ALL" for the specific reason that this question assumes that 100% microwave radiation exposure 24/7 in a hospital setting is the choice at hand. Certainly there are other options that could address the different needs of many more people.

Given the independent scientific research that has come out the past decade exposing the harm to human biology caused by pulsed microwave radiation, it is amazing that a "health oriented" agency can continue to ignore the independent scientific data.

We have become dependent on the internet, both professionally and personally, and there are much healthier solutions than blanketing entire hospitals with wifi. What is most important is that the medical conglomerate recognize the health issues from 24/7 exposure and begin to take steps towards healthier solutions eg ethernet connections in patients' rooms, and a special area where wifi is available to those that want it, etc.

ElectroHypersensitivity is a growing epidemic. As signals and gadgets become stronger, more people are beginning to feel the burning sensations when using their smartphones, and/or other effects such as headaches, heart racing, insomnia, vertigo, etc and are realizing their wifi gadgets are the cause. Regardless of governmental safety standards, our medical associations need to listen to patients on this escalating hazard and give serious attention to the concerns people are having about wireless radiation.

It would be forward thinking for the medical establishment to declare that there is reason for caution when considering how we use or don't use pulsed microwave radiation at large.

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