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02 October 2015

Paying Price for Modern Technology

Seeking refuge:  Bruce Evans from Myrhee can't escape the
debilitating effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Photo:  Luke Plummer
"EHS is estimated to affect some 10-20 per cent of the world’s population."

Paying price for modern technology
by Leah Tindill, wangarattachronicle.com,
1st October 2015

SPLITTING headaches, nausea, heart palpitations and joint pains – just some of the debilitating side effects people like Myrrhee’s Bruce Evans suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Mr Evans was running a successful business in Collingwood, Melbourne before relocating to Myrrhee a year ago to escape the growing level of transmissions from mobile phone towers and smart metres.

But he fears his days may be numbered at his Myrrhee sanctuary, with mobile phone panels to be installed at the Mt Bellevue tower to boost reception and combat mobile blackspots.

And he is outraged by the lack of interest and support he had received from governments and telecommunications in response to his predicament.

“When they turned on the NBN tower in Moyhu it got bad,” he told the Wangaratta Chronicle

“What I originally wanted to do was make it so that other people could come to Myrrhee as well to escape the transmissions.

“I put my story out online and it went viral – I had responses from all over the world.

“My family has owned the valley for over 150 years – my father has the same condition and he can’t continue to work in the paddocks for more than half an hour now.”

EHS is estimated to affect some 10-20 per cent of the world’s population and can also cause fatigue, stress, sleep disturbances and skin symptoms such as rashes and burning sensations.

The 50-year-old now sleeps in a van on his property because the cottage is serviced by a smart meter, located 70 metres from the residence, which affects him when he sleeps.

"The smart meters kicked the problem into the stratosphere," he said.

"They (providers) tell you that the smart meters only transmit a couple times a day, but they transmit constantly, up to 190,000 times a day, which is three times the World Health Organisation's (WHO) limit, which is quite concerning.

"There are people who are basically living on the run or living out of their cars or tents because there's nowhere left for them to go where they won't be affected."

Mr. Evans also runs Radiation Refuge, an online worldwide community aiming to provide safe havens for people who suffer from EHS.

Through his website, Mr. Evans is demanding a guarantee from Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) that the new reception panels flagged for Mt. Bellvue will be safe.

"If Cathy McGowan is going to continue to champion the roll out of this technology, she should be able to put her money where her mouth is and say that she guarantees they will be safe," he said.

"I had a meeting with Cathy earlier this year and my story just got handballed to Malcolm Turnbull - when he was communications minister - and, basically, I think it was filed in the bin."

In 2005, the World Health Organisation released findings from studies with people who claim to have EHS who were tested under controlled circumstances in electromagnetic fields.

"The majority of studies indicate that EHS individuals cannot detect EMF exposure any more accurately than non-EHS individuals," the WHO website says.

"Well-controlled and conducted double-blind studies have shown that symptoms were not correlated with EMF exposure."

The WHO also concedes that there are gaps in the EHS field of knowledge, which they are working to fill.

McGowan seeking further advice

A personal guarantee of his safety from Cathy McGowan (MHR, Indi) looks unlikely for Bruce Evans.

The Wangaratta Chronicle received a statement from McGowan's office yesterday, confirming the Independent member's involvement with Mr. Evans.

"Ms. McGowan has met with Mr. Evans to discuss this issue and represented his concerns to former Minister for Communications, Malcom Turnbull, who responded with information from the Department of Communications and other agencies that deal with electromagnetic sensitivity issues.

"The Minister's correspondence was sent to Mr. Evans.

"Ms. McGowan has contacted the Department of Communications for further advice and is awaiting a response."

When asked whether Ms. McGowan would give a personal guarantee of the safety of new mobile phone transmission technology, the Chronicle was told "Cathy takes all her advice from the Government about the issue."


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