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27 November 2015

Danish Man Claims His Apple Watch Caused Severe Burns

The Dane has reported the case to Apple, but is still waiting for their response.   This is not the first time that the owners of Apple Watch reported burns. 

Danish man claims his Apple Watch caused severe burns
by Lee Mathews, geek.com, 
25 November 2015

A lot of people still don’t think the Apple Watch really does anything noteworthy. Here’s one thing it can do: burn the crap out of your arm.

That’s according to one Danish man’s report, at any rate. Jorgen Mouritzen says that the incredibly nasty-looking wounds you see here (the last photo below is particularly bad) were definitely caused by his Apple Watch. He claims that he wasn’t holding it near an external heat source at the time, something that a close friend of his confirmed to a reporter from Ekstra Bladet.

They also posted an image that shows some pretty alarming damage to Mouritzen’s stainless steel strap:

That’s pretty severe discoloration on the side, and it’s a sign of some serious temperatures. A few of the links even appear to have flattened. One other thing you might notice in the picture is a wound on Mouritzen’s index finger — sustained while he rushed to remove the red-hot watch from his wrist.

Apple is convinced that the Watch isn’t to blame. They issued a statement saying that there are no active electronics in the band and that the damage could only have been caused by an external source.

There’s a fair amount of skepticism on the web so far, too. Some say that the only way the band could’ve gotten so hot is by induction — possibly from holding it close to a good-sized electric motor. Others have pointed out that the watch itself didn’t sustain any damage, which seems to indicate that its lithium battery wasn’t to blame.

Then there’s the source of the news — Ekstra Bladet. It’s a Danish tabloid that’s also currently running a post about the “best sexual positions for any penis size.” Straight-up, factual reporting isn’t really their thing.

We may never know what actually caused Mouritzen’s burns, but at least we can agree that they’re nasty, and must’ve been painful, and also wish the man a speedy recovery while he enjoys his fifteen minutes of fame.


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