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EMF Studies

30 October 2015

38% of Fukushima Evacuation Workers Exposed to Radiation Above Limit

© Mainichi Shimbun / Reuters

38 pct of Fukushima evacuation workers exposed to radiation above limit
xinhaunet.com, 26 October 2015

TOKYO, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) -- The Japanese government on Monday said 38 percent of evacuation-related first responders and those involved in decontamination and clean-up operations in the days following the 2011 multiple meltdowns at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility were exposed to radiation above the annual public limit.

According to a survey conducted by the Cabinet Office on just under 3,000 personnel involved in operations within the 20-km evacuation zone around the stricken plant from March 12, a day after a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami which breached the nuclear facility's barriers, causing the worst commercial nuclear disaster in history, 38 percent were found to have been exposed to radiation levels of 1 millisievert or more.

Of them, the survey revealed that 19 percent were exposed to between 1 to 2 millisieverts, while 5 percent from the sample were exposed to between 5 and 10 millisieverts.

29 October 2015

Canada: Cell Tower Radiation Harmful to Humans: Study

Cellphone towers have become part of the landscape,
but a new report says the radiation coming from them
poses a threat to human health.  (Dick Whipple/
Associated Press)
Article published by CBC News five years ago...

"In 1978, researchers at Johns Hopkins University published a study on the long-term effects of that radiation exposure and found it led to several serious health problems. Among them: eczema, psoriasis, allergic and inflammatory reactions, neurological and reproductive problems, tumours and mood disorders such as depression, irritability and lack of concentration."

Cell tower radiation harmful to humans: study
CBC News, 5 November 2010

Multiple radio signals enough to cause physical and psychological problems
A newly published report draws some disturbing conclusions about radiation people are absorbing from cellphone towers and its effects on human health.

"The bottom line is that these very chronic low-level intensities are not biologically inert," study author Blake Levitt told CBC News.

Levitt, a medical and science journalist, has been studying radio frequency exposures since the 1970s, and has written two books on the subject. Her latest article appeared online Friday in Environmental Reviews, a Canadian journal that publishes peer-reviewed papers summarizing previous scientific studies on environmental topics.

26 October 2015

Doctors Confirm First Human Death Officially Caused by GMOs

[This incident was reported on in January and we are only hearing of it now´...]

Doctors confirm first human death officially caused by GMOs
by Barbara Johnson, worldnewsdailyreport.com, 
18 January 2015

Madrid| Doctors of the Carlos III hospital confirmed this morning in a press conference, the first case of human death caused by the ingestion of genetically modified food. Juan Pedro Ramos died from anaphylaxis after eating some recently developed tomatoes containing fish genes, which provoked a violent and lethal allergic reaction.

This surprising announcement comes after the autopsy of the 31-year old Spanish man who died at the Madrid hospital in the beginning of January. The young man’s health rapidly deteriorated after he suffered an unexplained allergic reaction, and all the drugs used to refrain the anaphylaxis were entirely inefficient. The team of experts claims to have been able to determine that the genetically modified tomatoes that the victim ingested at lunch were the cause of the allergic reaction that caused his death.

25 October 2015

Switzerland: Summary of RTS Radio Program on the Consequences of Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves

 Switzerland: Summary of RTS Radio Program on the consequences of exposure to electromagnetic waves 
(Summary by the Editor of "Towards Better Health")

Within the context of its program "Vacarme", RTS la Première proposed a series of six radio programs on the consequences of exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

The first five programs were broadcast from Monday 19 October to Friday 23 October, from 13.00 to 13.30.

On Sunday, 25 October, from 9 to 10 am, in "echos of Vacarme", Pierre Dubochet, member of ARA, Association romande alerte aux ondes électromagnétiques) and author of the article, "The Effects of Electromagnetic Fields on Man", along with Pierre Zweiacker, physicist at EPFL, commented on extracts from the program and messages from listeners.

Rebroadcasts may be accessed through the above links.

Planned high voltage power line near school in Grône

Construction of the high voltage power line running 125 km, comprising 72 pylons - has been planned since 1986 and was approved by the Federal Council in 2011. Families are protesting the 27.5 km Chamoson-Chippis segment which would come within 70 meters of the village school.  The company constructing the line, Swiss Grid, is not listening to the families' concerns about health. Swiss Grid argues that the electricity is very important for the industries in that part of the Valais. They say they cannot bury it, as the families are requesting. In September, a meeting attended by 200 persons was held on this issue. Dr.Nathalie Calame, who receives electrohypersensitive patients, explained the repercussions of electromagnetic radiation on health. The families are more confident in a physician who says there are health dangers than in a bureaucrat who says that the plans respect health norms. Of the 700 km. of powerlines in Switzerland, only 36 km. have been place underground.  

24 October 2015

Carbon Nanotubes Found in Children's Lungs for the First Time

Image credit:  Tim Graham/ Alamy Stock Photo
Carbon nanotubes found in children’s lungs for the first time
newscientist.com,  21 October 2015

Carbon nanotubes have turned up in the lungs of children living in Paris – the first time they have been detected in humans.

Incredibly strong, light and conductive, nanotubes have shown great potential in areas such as computing, clothingand healthcare technology. Nevertheless, there has been some concern over their use after mouse studies showed that injected nanotubes can cause immune reactions similar to those produced by asbestos.

To investigate, Fathi Moussa and colleagues at the University of Paris-Saclay, France, studied fluid from the airways of 64 asthmatic children, and discovered carbon nanotubes in all of the samples. Five other children studied also had them in their macrophages – immune cells that clear unwanted particles – taken from the lungs.

Google Wearable Contact Lens Patent Gets Federal Green Light

Google wearable contact lens patent gets federal green light
by Judy Mottl, fiercemobilehealthcare.com, 15 October 2015

The U.S. patent office is giving its stamp of approval yet again to Google for a wearable contact lens device boasting microprocessor capability, electric circuit, memory and sensor technology.

The patent is just the latest the search giant now has in its wearables development toolkit and comes eight months after the agency granted Google a patent for a smart contact lens featuring a chip, electric circuit and sensor technology. AsFierceMobileHealthcare noted at the time, that patent did not stipulate specifics on the lens' capabilities or its intended use. As of March Google had seven contact lens patents.

The new patent features "optical signals," according to the approved document, and describes the developing technology as an optical communication device featuring a photodetector that harvest light and generators that can be powered from that light. One sensor could track a wide number of biological features, from glucose levels to body temperature and blood alcohol content.

23 October 2015

Ten Facts About What The World Health Organization States About Wireless Radiation

Ten Facts About What The World Health Organization States About Wireless Radiation
Safe Tech for Schools Maryland, 22 October 2015

MCPS [Montgomery County Public Schools] states that "MCPS will monitor the credible findings and recommendations of the World Health Organization and FCC." in the WUSA news piece.


We are calling for a precautionary approach just as the World Health Organization clearly communicates in their press release and just as WHO scientists state. Read it all below. Everything is hyperlinked to source documents. We sure hope MCPS Technology Staff takes the time to educate themselves on this issue and follow WHO advice.

What Does the World Health Organization say about Wireless Radiation and Health ?

1. Wireless is classified as a Class 2 B “possible” Human Carcinogen by the World Health Organization.

The World Health Organization’s International Association for Research on Cancer (IARC) Classified wireless radiation -also known as radio frequency electromagnetic radiation RF-EMF - as a Class 2B Carcinogen in 2011 based on evidence that linked long term wireless exposure to brain cancer.
Read The Lancet’s published statement by the International Agency for the Research on Cancer Here.

22 October 2015

Warning: New Study Finds Cancer-Causing Glyphosate in Most Tampon Samples

Most tampons in the U.S. and many in Argentina are made
from genetically engineered cotton.
Warning: New Study Finds Cancer-Causing Glyphosate in Most Tampon Samples
by Nick Meyer, march-against-monsanto.com,  22 October 2015 ·

Ever since the chemical glyphosate, which is of course the main ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup, was found by the World Health Organization to be a “probable human carcinogen,” more and more people have begun avoiding it in their food.

Of course, you can avoid glyphosate in your food by buying organic foods as much as possible, especially locally from a trusted farmer. But there’s one potentially dangerous source of glyphosate going into women’s bodies that most of them probably don’t even think about: their tampons, according to new research out of Argentina.

Most Tampons Test Positive for Glyphosate

Exploding Smartphones: A Look at Why Your Electronics Might Catch Fire

A damaged iPhone that caught fire and
burned through a man's jeans after it
was bent in an accident.
Exploding smartphones: After two recent cases in Alberta, a look at why your electronics might catch fire
by Tristin Hopper, nationalpost.com, 19 May 2015

EDMONTON — Twice in the last week, an Alberta family has been forced to flee for their lives after a charging cell phone burst into flames, part of a rare worldwide phenomenon in which smartphones occasionally transform into tiny Presto logs.

In Rimbey, Alta., 16-year-old Josh Schultz woke up surrounded by flames after his iPhone combusted in the middle of the night. The family managed to get the blaze under control, but not before Schulz had suffered third-degree burns, and the house had been rendered temporarily uninhabitable.

Three days later, an Edmonton fourplex was evacuated in the wee hours of the morning after a charging cell phone began shooting out flames.

20 October 2015

The Truth About Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)

The Truth About Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR)
by Bahram Maskanian, venusproject.org

Do you care and love children..? Do you care and love yourself and your family..? Do you care and love humanity..? And if you were a CEO, already making billions of dollars, would you sacrifice the well being of our children by exposing them to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR), highly carcinogenic Ionizing Radiation, which harms DNA, genetic bond and formation at the cellular level in human body, causing gradual cognitive and brain damage, cancer and death of millions of innocent little angels, our children, to make more money..?

Nation’s children, our children are being microwaved in schools even though U.S. government and the nation-less corporations, manufacturers of these devices have known about the deadly effects of microwaves and Wi-Fi Ionizing radiation for over 60 years. They are fully aware that these devices will sterilize some, cause cancer in others, Alzheimer's disease for many and neurological damages for others.

17 October 2015

New Skin Disorders on the Rise Due to Excessive Use of Modern Gadgets

A disorder called "WhatsAppitis"
is being induced by overuse of a
message app on smartphone,
according to a foreign medical
"More and more children are coming up with complaints of skin rash following usage of laptops. In the past erythema ab igne was more commonly seen in elderly people exposed to heat but now people using laptops for long hours, even schoolchildren, college students and corporate individuals are facing this. " 

[No mention of electromagnetic radiation, but the article, written by a dermatologist, is a good one.]

Save your skin from smartphones
by Vikas Sharma, tribuneindia.com, 22 August 2015

As technology makes rapid advances, many new skin disorders are on the rise because of excessive usage of modern gadgets

If technology has made life easier in many aspects, it has brought its own pitfalls too. Though it is difficult to imagine today’s life without gadgets like smartphones and tablets but their prolonged and incorrect usage can result in many skin and cosmetic disorders.

Modern technology may have given us many advanced gadgets for our benefit but one needs to be aware of the correct method of their usage otherwise it can create numerous health problems. Many latest scientific studies have found the harmful effects of these techno gadgets on the skin, the largest and outermost organ of our body.

There has been a steady rise in cases of skin and cosmetic disorders among those tech-savvy people who use gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPads, etc. frequently and for prolonged duration.

Summary of Mountain View Wireless Summit

"The event was a credible and informative presentation of the damage being caused by wireless technology, especially to our precious and developing next generation. It was also an inspiring call to action and a boost to the growing movement to address and eliminate the blind proliferation of wireless technology. A significant reduction in exposure can take place through personal decisions to wire technology in the home, whereas involuntary exposures (cell towers, wi-fi in schools, smart meters, etc.) require a coordinated policy response."

Former CPUC President Loretta Lynch–Flanked by Physicians and Researchers–Delivers Searing Indictment of Smart Meters and EMF Risks at Mountain View Wireless Summit
Posted by onthelevelblog on 13 October 2015

On Saturday October 10th, the Wireless Technology and Public Health Summit was held in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts. The event was sponsored by the Santa Clara Medical Association Alliance Foundation. Doctors, researchers, and public policy experts in the field of wireless health impacts joined together for the first time in the heart of Silicon Valley and declared that there is more than enough evidence to reign in wireless technology, particularly in schools and other locations where sensitive populations spend time.

WHO Cancer Expert: Glyphosate is Definitely Genotoxic

COMMENT ADDED (17 October 2015): Glyphosate acts as a toxicant by activating voltage-gated calcium channels, the same mechanism activated by Electro Magnetic Fields - comment by Martin Pall, 3 February 2014 (via WEEP News, Canada)

"A number of people with these diseases [Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, MCS, PTSD...] (see http://tinyurl.com/10thParadigm) have reported apparent sensitivity to roundup herbicide and its "active" ingredient, glyphosate... I recently found a paper showing that glyphosate acts as a toxicant by activating voltage-gated calcium channels, the same mechanism activated by electromagnetic field exposure. There is no reason to doubt that such increased intracellular calcium levels should be able to up-regulate the NO/ONOO- cycle and therefore most if not all NO/ONOO- cycle caused diseases. I think that there is reason for concern here. It may well be the case that glyphosate may act synergistically with EMF exposures to together produce much higher pathophysiological responses." 

WHO Cancer Expert: Glyphosate is Definitely Genotoxic
Sustainable Pulse, 15 July 2015

Professor Christopher Portier, one of the co-authors of the World Health Organisation’s International Agency for Research on Cancer’s (IARC) recent report which determined Glyphosate’s status as a probable carcinogen, reiterated the IARC’s conclusions, and said: “Glyphosate is definitely genotoxic. There is no doubt in my mind.”

15 October 2015

iPhone 6s Users Report ' Too Hot to Touch' Home Button

iPhone 6s users report 'too hot to touch' Home Button
by Anthony Cuthbertson, ibtimes.co.uk,
6 October 2015

A "burning hot" Touch ID button is one of several issues to blight the iPhone 6s since its launch last month

Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone 6s, is drawing complaints from users who claim the device's Touch ID button is burning hot. Since it went on sale on 25 September, dozens of people have taken to social media and online Apple support forums to report the issue, many saying that the heat from the button made the iPhone 6s unusable.

General Mills Won't Remove GMOs for United States, But Does for Europe

General Mills won’t remove GMOs for United States, but does for Europe
posted by Abby Campbell, staff writer, naturalhealth365.com, 
12 October 2015

(NaturalHealth365) General Mills is a food manufacturing company that is known for its famous cereals Chex and Cheerios. They also process other well-known products such as Fiber One, Nature Valley, Betty Crocker, Bisquick, Pillsbury, Progresso, Green Giant, Yoplait, Häagen-Dazs, and many more brands you may be familiar with.

The company’s purpose is stated as “We serve the world by making food people love.” Additionally, they characterize their pursuits as putting people first while earning their trust and treating them with care.

The disturbing trends at General Mills

The United States started growing with General Mills and their flour products since the mid-1800s. However, flour products have changed over the last several decades when the company began using genetically modified flours. Due to its harmful effects on human health, the uproar against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has triggered some manufacturers to change their perspective and outcomes.

Monsanto Fights Back Against Cancer Lawsuits as Company Eliminates 12% of Workforce

Monsanto Fights Back Against Cancer Lawsuits as Company Eliminates 12% of Workforce
by Lorraine Chow, EcoWatch,
9 October 9, 2015

[Update: EcoWatch was provided documentation today, Oct. 9, regarding the Judi Fitzgerald vs. Monsanto Company lawsuit. The documentation dated Oct. 6, says, “Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 4l(a)(l)(A)(i), Plaintiff Judi Fitzgerald, by and through her undersigned counsel, hereby gives notice that the above-action against Defendant Monsanto Company is voluntarily dismissed without prejudice.”]

Monsanto is on the defensive after the agricultural giant was sued by two U.S. farm workerswho claim that glyphosate—the primary ingredient in Monsanto’s weedkiller, Roundup—caused their cancers.

“We believe that glyphosate is safe for human health when used as labeled,” Monsanto’s spokesperson Charla Lord told Bloomberg via email.

Lord also said that while Monsanto is sympathetic to individuals experiencing health problems, she added that the latest lawsuits brought against the company are “without merit.”

Number of Young Women with Breast Cancer Is Rising Every Year

New study confirms: Number of young women with breast cancer is rising every year
posted by Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, naturalhealth365.com, 10 October 2015

(NaturalHealth365) It’s a sad, sad fact: the number of women ages 25 to 39 who are diagnosed with breast cancer is on the rise. What’s even more shocking is that this number has been steadily increasing for the last four decades.

Researchers also admit, not surprisingly, that the cause is more than likely environmental.

The statistics don’t lie: Young women and breast cancer

Researchers from the University of Washington and Oregon Health and Science University in Portland analyzed data from the United States National Cancer Institute and other national health organizations for the years between 1976 and 2009. They looked in particular at cases in which breast cancer in young women had metastasized to other organs.

According to study organizers, the number of young women in the U.S. with metastatic cancer has risen a little more than 2% each year. Roughly 7 % of all women with breast cancer in the U.S. are under the age of 40 and breast cancer accounts for almost half of all cancers for women within this age group.

14 October 2015

Oklahoma: Court Rules Against Cell Tower Company

Ken Laubenstein is photographed on his Muskogee
County property, where he takes nature photos.  He
sued after a cell tower was built nearby.
Phoenix file photo
Court rules against cell tower company
by D.E. Smoot, Phoenix Staff Writer, muskogeephoenix.com, 13 October 2015

A state appellate court upheld a local judge's ruling that a telecommunications tower erected near the property of a Muskogee County man constitutes a private nuisance that must be abated by removal.

A lawyer representing the defendants named in the lawsuit filed by Ken Laubenstein and Billie Wallace said it is too early to know how his clients plan to proceed. They could ask the Oklahoma Civil Court of Appeals to reconsider its opinion, which was released Friday, or petition the Oklahoma Supreme Court for further review.

"I really can't tell you what the plan is," Thomas Marcum, who represents BoDe Tower, said Monday afternoon. "I just received the opinion ... so I really can't tell you what the plan is."

The lawsuit was filed in 2010 after a 250-foot cell tower was built near Laubenstein's property — a nearly 170-acre "wildlife sanctuary" that is listed on the Oklahoma Natural Areas Registry — and tried in 2013 by Muskogee County Associate District Judge Norman D. Thygesen. After the trial, which lasted five days during the course of about eight months, Thygesen found the structure erected by BoDe Tower to be "a private nuisance" that must "be abated" and "removed."

13 October 2015

United Kingdom: Gadgets 'Cause 8 Million Rows a Day' as Two-Thirds Admit They Struggle to Make Their Children Put Devices Down

The nation's families are having a combined 8 million arguments
a day over digital gadgets, a survey shows.  The biggest source of
strife is parents feeling children are too absorbed by computers
or tablets to communicate properly.
"It's staggering that parents seem to understand the dangers - and are rightfully concerned - yet we appear powerless in addressing the issues."

Gadgets 'cause eight million rows a day' as two thirds admit they struggle to make their children put devices down
by Daily Mail Reporter, 11 October 2015

- Biggest source of strife is parents feeling their children are too absorbed
- Two thirds admit they struggle to make youngsters put their devices down
- Nine out of ten are using smartphones or tablets before they turn eight

The nation’s families are having a combined eight million arguments a day over digital gadgets, a survey shows.

The biggest source of strife is parents feeling children are too absorbed by computers or tablets to communicate properly.

11 October 2015

Why Do Sane, Non-Suicidal, Responsible Grown-Ups Still Text and Drive?

Photo by Claire Benois
Why Do Sane, Non-Suicidal, Responsible Grown-Ups Still Text and Drive?
by Jonathan Siger, menshealth.com, 24 August 2015

It’s dangerous. It might kill you. But you do it anyway. Here’s why

Your final act on this planet may well be reaching for your phone.

Every day, nine drivers buy it that way. And we all know what they’re distracted by, don’t we? That oh-so-clever text they just can’t avoid reading. That request to buy milk. Or that (not in any way) urgent inquiry: When will you be home?

How about never?

In the time it takes you to locate the phone, pick it up, read the text, register the one-liner, and put the phone down—say, four seconds—there’s ample time to drive into the back of a parked eighteen-wheeler.

A few weeks ago, a 40-year-old woman died like that. I know, because I’m part of the sheriff’s team that responds to emergencies in Houston.

10 October 2015

"A Startling Epidemic of Young People with Smartphone-Addled Brains Is On the Rise"

Neuroscientists in South Korea are reporting a rise in digital dementia -- the tendency of the young to be so obsessed with smartphones that they can't remember phone numbers, produce legible handwriting, or look people in the eye, all signs of a type of brain damage.

The eZombie at your table: Column
by Devra Davis, President of Environmental Health TrustUSA Today, 30 July 2013

Our fascination with zombies, vampires and sci-fi creatures may be a quite cry to find ways to avoid becoming heartless sci-fi monsters ourselves.

More suited to a sci-fi flick than reality, a startling epidemic of young people with smartphone-addled brains is on the rise, and the long-term consequences might be far worse than you or I could imagine. Reporting that one in five students are addicted to their smartphones, South Korea, the world's most tech-savvy nation, is aggressively tackling the problem, establishing more than 100 Internet addiction camps. As the number of young smartphone users escalates around the globe, educating children and parents about the effects of this increasingly prevalent drug of the future is imperative.

“As I Lay Dying..” LA Times Writer’s Last Words Will Make You Question Entire Breast Cancer Industry

Laurie Becklund speaks to an audience.  Photo:
Stanford Medical X/Flickr
“As I Lay Dying..” LA Times Writer’s Last Words Will Make You Question Entire Breast Cancer Industry
by Yelena Sukhoterina, altheathworks.com,  
7 October 2015

A former Los Angeles Times staff writer, Laurie Becklund, battled breast cancer since 1996. Earlier this year she knew her time was limited, and as she greeted her last few months, she wrote an opinion piece “As I Lay Dying” about her story. Becklund died Feb. 8 this year. This is what she wanted you to know about breast cancer.

Early detection does not cure cancer

Becklund: “I had more than 20 mammograms, and none of them caught my disease. In fact, we now have significant studies showing that routine mammogram screening, which may result in misdiagnoses, unnecessary treatment and radiation overexposure, can harm more people than it helps.”

09 October 2015

Information and Communications Technology in Education

ICT in Education
by Tom Butler Ph.D.

ICT in Education: Fundamental Problems and Practical Recommendations (Pdf copy here)

There is a dearth of scientific evidence and evidence-based practice to justify current levels of information and communication technology use in the classroom and in the home. In contrast, there is a growing body of scientific studies across several disciplines that highlight the direct and indirect negative effects of ICT use on human cognition, learning and behaviour.

This paper considers objective evidence from peer-reviewed scientific studies in cognitive psychology, neuroscience, and related disciplines, as well as the field of education itself, to review the fundamental problems that beset ICT use in education. The paper highlights, for example, that: 

08 October 2015

Makeup Kits to Help Breast Cancer Patients Could Contain Toxins, Advocacy Group Charges

Makeup being given free to thousands of breast cancer
patients could contain chemicals that are particularly
harmful to them, a grassroots group charges.  But the
American Cancer Society maintains that "the majority"
of the ingredients have been found to be safe.
Alexandra Thompson
Makeup kits to help breast cancer patients could contain toxins, advocacy group charges
by Jacqueline Cutler, New York Daily News,
6 October 2015

The very group charged with helping cancer patients could be hurting them.

The American Cancer Society is distributing makeup kits, intended to help women feel better about themselves as they lose their eyelashes and eyebrows.

Yet some of the makeup in these kits could be toxic, charges Breast Cancer Action, a 60,000-strong advocacy group.

Each side is putting its best face forward, and maintains there is nothing to conceal.

“One of the chemicals we found, metyhlparaben, has been found in the lab to interfere with Tamoxifen, the most common breast cancer treatment,” says Karuna Jaggar, Breast Cancer Action’s executive director.

California: Berkeley Cell Phone "Right to Know" Ordinance

UPDATE (8 October 2015): "After a federal court ruled in favor of a city ordinance, Berkeley City Council adopted at its meeting Tuesday the first reading of a law that would require retailers to warn consumers of the potential danger cellphones pose as emitters of radiofrequency.

"Earlier this year, CTIA – The Wireless Association, a nonprofit membership organization that represents the wireless communications industry, filed a lawsuit against the city. In the lawsuit, CTIA alleged that the city ordinance infringed on the free speech of retailers and that the dangers associated with it are based on opinion rather than scientific research.

"In September, a judge ruled in favor of the city, approving of a majority of the ordinance’s language. The mandated warnings will become law by late November if the council adopts a second reading Oct. 27."  (Source:  Daily Californian News Blog, 7 October 2015)

Berkeley Cell Phone "Right to Know" Ordinance
Electromagnetic Radiation Safety, 21 September 2015

06 October 2015

The Health Care Industry Finally Recognizes Fibromyalgia

The Health Care Industry Finally Recognizes Fibromyalgia
nationalpainreport.com, 30 September 2015

On October 1, 2015, fibromyalgia will finally be recognized as an official diagnosis in the new ICD-10 list of codes being adopted across the U.S. This is the final culmination of the advances over the last decade in the medical community’s understanding and acceptance of fibromyalgia as a real disease.

05 October 2015

Global Ob-Gyn Group Urges Greater Efforts to Prevent Toxic Chemical Exposure

Global Ob-Gyn Group Urges Greater Efforts to Prevent Toxic Chemical Exposure
FIGO, 1st October 2015

Reproductive Health Professionals Say Links Between Prenatal Exposure to Chemicals and Poor Health Outcomes Are Increasingly Evident

Dramatic increases in exposure to toxic chemicals in the last four decades is threatening human reproduction and health, according to the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO), the first global reproductive health organization to take a stand on human exposure to toxic chemicals.

FIGO, which represents ob-gyns from 125 countries/territories, published the opinion in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics on October 1st, just prior to its XXI World Congress in Vancouver, BC, where more than 7,000 clinicians and scientists will explore global trends in women’s health issues Oct. 4-9.

“We are drowning our world in untested and unsafe chemicals and the price we are paying in terms of our reproductive health is of serious concern,” said Gian Carlo Di Renzo, MD, PhD, Honorary Secretary of FIGO and lead author of the FIGO opinion. According to Di Renzo, reproductive health professionals “witness first-hand the increasing numbers of health problems facing their patients, and preventing exposure to toxic chemicals can reduce this burden on women, children, and families around the world.”

Open Letter to the Children's Commissioner for England, Appealing for Protection of Children from Electromagnetic Radiation

Dear Anne Longfield, Children are in need of your protection from electromagnetic radiation - an open letter to the Children’s Commissioner for England

This is a seven-point open letter to Anne Longfield, England’s Children’s Commissioner for UK Government. I appeal for her help in protecting children from the health dangers brought by electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from smartphones, wi-fi laptops, sat navs, etc. International evidence shows serious dangers to mental and physical health. Some countries are addressing the dangers. England is not.

From Peter Limbrick
September 28th, 2015

To Anne Longfield
England’s Children’s Commisssioner

Dear Anne,

Re: Your important role in saving children from radiation damage as they use iPads, laptops, tablets, phones and other gadgets.

04 October 2015

Message to Public Libraries about Wireless Devices

[Wish my neighborhood library in Geneva did NOT have
Wi-Fi.  It has an extensive children's section, and the adult
reading room is saturated with Wi-Fi.]
Message to Public Libraries about Wireless Devices 
by Ronald M. Powell, Ph.D., 20 August 2015

If wireless devices, such as Wi-Fi, are used in your libraries, then the health of your staff and your customers can be at risk. But this problem can be successfully addressed, and with benefit to all.

Background: Wireless devices transmit information using radiofrequency/microwave radiation. The international biomedical research community has been studying the impact of such radiation on biological systems for decades, but more intensely in recent years. The vast majority of the thousands of peer-reviewed research publications of this community, when funded independent of the wireless industries, are finding biological effects of concern. Further, these biological effects occur at levels of radiation far lower than earlier understood. Simply stated, a worldwide health crisis is emerging and is becoming a hallmark of the 21st Century. The international biomedical research community is trying to warn us; but, as a society, we are not yet listening. I hope that this message will help to change that.

Study Reveals How Gadget Screen Exposure Can Affect Puberty, Parents Advised To Limit Teens' Bedtime Screen Time

Study Reveals How Gadget Screen Exposure Can Affect Puberty, Parents Advised To Limit Teens' Bedtime Screen Time
by Rachel, parentherald.com, 28 August 2015

The light coming from gadgets like phones or tablets are disrupting the kids' bedtime, which could affect their development into puberty, a study by experts from Brown University has revealed. The study was published in The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism.

The researchers conducted a lab experiment to see how an hour of exposure to light from gadgets can affect sleep hormones in kids between the ages of 11 and 16 years old. They found out that the brighter the light the kids were exposed to, the more melatonin, which aids in sleep, were suppressed.

Students Learn Texting is Bigger Threat Than Drunk Driving

Students learn texting is bigger threat than drunk driving
by Drew Bracken, newarkadvocate.com, 
21 September 2015

Granville High School students got an eye-opener about the dangers of distracted driving Friday. The Arrive Alive Tour from UNITE came to the school with a high-tech simulator, impact video and a number of other resources to educate the students about the dangers of drunk driving and texting while driving.

“I only have really limited experience driving but this really showed me something,” said 15-year-old sophomore Grace Petryk “I was the fastest crash of the day. I thought people drive drunk all the time but it was spectacularly awful.”

One of the most commonly recognized driving distractions is cell phone use. And drivers under 20 years old have the highest proportion of distraction-related fatal crashes according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Not surprisingly, they text more than any other age group, and the number of young drivers who text is reportedly only increasing.

Top 5 Autism Suspects and How to Avoid Them

The first priority is to reduce or eliminate top environmental suspects:  wireless and electromagnetic fields (EMF), mercury, glyphosate, chemical toxins in general, tylenol.

Top 5 Autism Suspects and How to Avoid Them
clearlightventures.com, 24 September 2015

This article is written for parents who would like to reduce their chances of having an autistic child or who would like to improve or recover a child who is already on the autism spectrum.

I had two children who were on the mild end of the autism spectrum. When my wife and I had our children, we followed our doctor’s orders and did everything we were told to do. We did our best, but our best was not good enough. With the help of some brilliant people and over fifteen years of effort, both of our boys are fully recovered. Had I known then what I know now, I believe this all could have been prevented. There is a lot more to learn about autism, but I believe at this point we have enough information to prevent new cases and recover many of the children who are already on the spectrum. This can start today, one household at a time, with parents taking action to protect or recover their children.

03 October 2015

India: 'Smart' Move? For Free Wi-Fi for Hyderabad Zoo

"In some cases we have witnessed that bees and smaller animals that are primarily responsible for pollination in plants lose their sense of direction due to radiation. In such cases it is very difficult for an animal to adapt to the intrusive developmental activities taken up by humans," a member of the World Wildlife Fund for Nature said.

‘Smart’ move? For free WiFi head for Hyderabad zoo

nyoooz.com, 3 October 2015

Summary: HYDERABAD: The state government, it appears, is taking its task of turning Hyderabad into a 'smart' city too seriously. What is the need for WiFi in a place like a zoo," questioned Mohd Osman, a member of the Save Animals Organisation. What else explains why it has set up WiFi routers at Hyderabad's Nehru Zoological Park so as to offer visitors free internet services. Their explanation: The virtual world is a must-have for people these days, even while taking a leisurely stroll in the zoo. "Citing past scientific studies, wildlife experts point out how the electromagnetic field emitted by these WiFi antennas can be harmful for the animals at the zoo.

02 October 2015

Paying Price for Modern Technology

Seeking refuge:  Bruce Evans from Myrhee can't escape the
debilitating effects of electromagnetic hypersensitivity.
Photo:  Luke Plummer
"EHS is estimated to affect some 10-20 per cent of the world’s population."

Paying price for modern technology
by Leah Tindill, wangarattachronicle.com,
1st October 2015

SPLITTING headaches, nausea, heart palpitations and joint pains – just some of the debilitating side effects people like Myrrhee’s Bruce Evans suffer with electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS).

Mr Evans was running a successful business in Collingwood, Melbourne before relocating to Myrrhee a year ago to escape the growing level of transmissions from mobile phone towers and smart metres.

But he fears his days may be numbered at his Myrrhee sanctuary, with mobile phone panels to be installed at the Mt Bellevue tower to boost reception and combat mobile blackspots.

How Wireless Devices Can Be Dangerous for Your Family

Photo:  Amy Postle
How Wireless Devices Can Be Dangerous for Your Family
by Sandra Gordon from Parents Magazine, June 2015

You've heard the buzz: Radiation from cell phones, laptops, and tablets could be harmful. Before you panic, follow this realistic advice for making the digital world less risky -- especially for our kids.

Handing your smartphone to your child can be a sanity saver on a long car ride or when you're in line at the supermarket. But is letting him play Monkey Preschool Lunchbox or Temple Run, or even Skyping with Grandma, putting him in danger?

Wireless devices use radio waves, a form of electromagnetic radiation, to communicate with cell towers through their antenna. Although the radio-frequency (RF) energy they give off is relatively weak and has long been presumed to be safe, increasing evidence suggests that it may pose health hazards. In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization (WHO), classified RF energy as "possibly carcinogenic to humans." And a recent Swedish study published inPathophysiology found that using a cell phone, especially before age 20, raised the risk of a certain type of brain tumor over time.

Editorial Regarding Proposed Cell Phone Ordinance Ignores Research

William Pan/ Staff
Editorial regarding proposed cell phone ordinance ignores research
by Devra Davis, SPECIAL TO THE DAILY CALLAST, 2 October 2015

Your editorial questions the need for the Berkeley “right to know” ordinance arguing that all phones have been tested consistent with FDA safety recommendations and that no evidence exists of harm according to U.S. government websites.

In fact every single one of the world’s more than five billion phones has been tested consistent with guidelines that were established 18 years ago. Would you want to fly in an airplane that met 18-year-old safety standards?

Dubai: Al Barsha Residents Concerned About Effects of Overhead Power Cables

Designer Lamya Abedin, a resident of Al Barsha, has
raised concerns about the effects of overhead power
lines.  Victor Besa for The National
Al Barsha residents concerned about effects of overhead power cables
by Ramola Talwar Badam, thenational.ae,
10 September 2015

DUBAI // Fears over the impact of nearby overhead power lines on the health of families dominate the concerns of Emiratis in Al Barsha as campaigning for votes in the October 3 election to the Federal National Council gains pace.

Residents would like detailed studies and clarity about the affect of prolonged exposure to overhead pylons.

“Our whole family stays in villas facing the power lines, we have neighbours who are our relatives. We worry that it’s not healthy, especially for children,” said Emirati designer Lamya Abedi, founder of couture line the Queen of Spades.

“I try and prevent children from playing in the backyard because health comes first. It would help if the cables were laid underground or if we could speak to someone about it. The area is very sandy, so planting trees would make it less dusty.”

Mariam Hissa, a mother of four young children, said she had read about long-term health issues surrounding power cables.