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17 January 2016

Cancer Warning: Scientist Warns Against Cell Phones In Bra, Back Pocket, Raises Tumor Chances, Infertility, Other Ailments

Cancer Warning: Scientist Warns Against Cell Phones In Bra, Back Pocket, Raises Tumor Chances, Infertility, Other Ailments
by Brad Ryder, starpulse.com,
11 January 2016

A noted scientist and women's health advocate has a stern warning about cell phones (smart phones): carrying them in your pocket or bra can cause cancer, tumors, and other debilitating conditions, according to a Sun report.

Dr. Devra Lee Davis, Ph.D., MPH, is the founder and president of Wyoming-based nonprofit, Environmental Health Trust. The organization specializes in providing "basic research and education about environmental health hazards and promote constructive policies locally, nationally and internationally," according to its website.

Davis, a leading voice in oncology and epidemiology, spoke at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. There, she reiterated a long-standing warning that studies support her belief that cell phone radiation has a role in some cancer causes and chronic ill-health.
"The pattern of putting cell phones in the bra, and now there's a new device where you can actually have the phone strapped to your head, made me concerned about what we know about exposure to phones."

Dr. Devra offered concrete examples that supported her stance on the dangers of cell phone use. One case involved a young woman who was diagnosed with cancer of her breasts after carrying a phone in her bra for years.

The body absorbs radiation as it travels between towers and your device. It adds energy to your metabolism, which may speed up the rate of tumor growth while damaging cells in your body.

On the other hand, mobile phone-like radiation can be used for good purposes: treatment and detection of liver cancers, and helping drugs cross the blood-brain barrier.

Other than causing different types of cancer, radiation from cell phones can potentially cause heart disease, diabetes, and depression. Davis also points out that in Apple's manual for its popular iPhone, there is a warning about extended and type of use.

In June of 2014, the CDC posted a short, but telling message on its website about mobile phone guidance and possible health risks. "We recommend caution in cell phone use."

Weeks later, the agency reversed its course and deleted the statement urging caution, according to the New York Times. Sources say 500 pages were obtained through the Freedom of Information Act that demonstrated how divided the agency was over cell phone risk and cancer. Reportedly, there is a prevailing debate among scientists about the risks of radiation emission to humans.

Do cell phones cause cancer by carrying them in your bra, back pocket, or from everyday use? Check out the video below; it offers compelling cases that may have you thinking twice -- or at least putting the device in your bag.


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