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19 January 2016

India: Remove Mobile Towers Violating Radiation Norms within a Month: Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission

Remove mobile towers violating radiation norms within a month: MPHRC
by Desh Deep, timesofindia, 16 January 2016

BHOPAL: In an unprecedented move, Madhya Pradesh Human Rights Commission has recommended to remove all the mobile towers that have been installed in violation of specific norms of minimum distance from residential areas within one month.

Commission spokesman on Saturday said that people are at the receiving end if the municipal corporation violates rules while issuing permissions for installation of these towers. "In 14 cases, people were found to be suffering from different ailments due to radiation caused by towers," commission observed.

The Government of India has specified the norms of limits of base transceiver station (BTS) to protect people from radiations, said spokesman of the commission. There should not be buildings or flats near the base station tower violating the norms of the specified distance as radiations affect the people living in those buildings the most.

The commission also said that if antennas are found fitted on the outer walls of multi-storeyed buildings or flats, they should also be removed within a month.

"It should be ensured that noise pollution is not caused by generators fitted with towers. The commission is of the view that such pollution is dangerous for the health of people." The commission said if mobile companies are found violating the sound pollution norms, they should be slapped with a fine of Rs 10 lakh.

Mobile tower company should also install a board mentioning the amount of radiation caused by it at a distance of 20 meters.

The state government should create an EMF web portal to mention radiation created by every BTS tower, day of checking it, names of officials and phone number for complaints, the commission said. It also directed the state government to keep collecting information on results of research work on harmful affects of radiations caused by mobile base towers.

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