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30 January 2016

New Online Community "Beyond the Screens: Technology's Impact on Kids"

New Online Community "Beyond the Screens: Technology's Impact on Kids"

This new group is a space for Educators, Researchers, advocates, and parents to share the latest research and discuss The Impact of screen-based technologies on children's development.

About this community

As screen-based technologies have reshaped our world and become a constant in the lives of young people, we endeavor to examine the impact they are having on their development. Digital, cyber technologies have profoundly changed the way young people think and interact with others and the world around them. As a result, we challenge the assumption that these technologies are an unalloyed good. As parents, educators, scientists and health care professionals, we seek a robust discussion about what kind of people we would like to help our children to become. We are therefore creating this platform for members to express their views on these issues, post papers, and ask for help regarding raising children who are able to thrive in real life – beyond the screens.

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