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05 January 2016

OmSignal Has Created A Fitness Tracking Bra

[FB comment:  There are obviously no health risks associated with this particular example of insanity. Not. Just ask the ladies who kept their cellphone in their bra, and went on to develop breast cancer.]

OmSignal Has Created A Fitness Tracking Bra
by Adnan Farooqui, ubergizmo.com, 4 January 2016

For the past couple of years, wearable technology has enjoyed quite a bit of attention at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and 2016 is not going to be any different. This time around it’s expected that we’ll see more wearable devices with the technological bits actually built inside the clothing items, Canadian company OmSignal has one such product, it’s a fitness tracking sports bra called OMbra.

The company has previously made a smart clothing range for men and it even partnered with Ralph Lauren to test smart shirts at the U.S. Open.

Now it’s showing off a product that’s meant for women, the OMbra does what you’d expect any fitness tracker to do, like tracking calories burned, heart rate, breathing rate and many other metrics.

All of this data is stored in a little box that’s filled with sensors, the box itself snaps into the lower band of the sports bra and syncs the data to the companion app. The app will have an option called OmRun which when used with OMbra will enable it to measure metrics like pace, distance, breathing rhythm and fatigue levels during running workouts.

A confirmed price for this product as not yet available but OmSignal expects to sell it for $150, some might think that’s pretty steep, but then again a good fitness tracker from Jawbone or Fitbit normally costs more than $100. OMbra will be available in limited quantities by spring 2016.


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