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17 January 2016

The Triumphal Progress of Digitalism: Comments on the Current Situation of Electrosensitive Persons Following the Auction of New Mobile Phone Frequencies in Germany

"The persistent and ever more explicit appeal by international scientists, doctors and countless organizations dealing with the biological effects of the microwave technologies used in mobile phones, seem to make no impression at all on the dedicated community of mobile phone devotees in industry and the government."

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The triumphal progress of digitalism
Verein für Elektrosensible und Mobilfunkgeschädigte e.V.
(Association for the electrosensitive and mobile injured), August 2015

Some personal comments from Frank Berner, Deputy Chairman, on the current situation of electrosensitive persons following the auction of new mobile phone frequencies

A few weeks ago, in Germany, the newly released radio-frequencies in the 700 MHz range were auctioned off to the mobile phone operators O², Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica for 5.1 billion (€ 5,100,000,000.00) euros. The very idea of auctioning microwave frequencies highlights the special position of this technology. It is again going to mean major intrusions into people’s lives, such as the penetration of private estates, flats and houses by unsolicited radiation – the exposure of the human being in body mind and soul to radiation. The right to do this was auctioned off with the frequencies by the government, and is backed by a framework of regulations and legal powers against which we, as private citizens, can do nothing. It was approved by parliaments that can have had no clear idea about what they were voting on.

At first glance this is huge amount of money, which will be most welcome to the Treasury. But don’t worry about the mobile phone industry: this is pocket-money compared with the profits that it is chalking up yearly, and it will end up being written off against taxes. There is hardly a more lucrative line of business in the world that can yield long term levels of profit as high as those of mobile communications. Profit margins of 35 per cent and more are common. These are certainly strong incentives for the microwave craze, from which there seems to be no escape. Whatever addictions it creates are therefore good news, and all efforts to foster them are worthwhile.

By auctioning off these frequencies Germany became the first European country to allocate them for use in mobile telephony for the general public, because of their long range. They also have the “advantage” of penetrating buildings very easily. They can reach both remote areas and every bedroom, hospital room and children‘s room unhindered.

For us electrosensitives, i.e. people who – legally speaking – don‘t exist and are not supposed to exist, this means that it will become more difficult to protect ourselves: The shielding of flats, which has often been paid for put of the occupants own pockets, frequently costing their last pennies, will no longer be effective. Escaping to remote places, as we were obliged to do, will be pointless now. Many of us, who have found or created for ourselves a small place of refuge, will now wonder what life still holds for us.

The persistent and ever more explicit appeal by international scientists, doctors and countless organizations dealing with the biological effects of the microwave technologies used in mobile phones, seem to make no impression at all on the dedicated community of mobile phone devotees in industry and the government. It is easy to find an advertising agency or a suitable institute, which will obscure the problems with the help of professional communication strategists. Simply stigmatize the critics as opponents of progress – and everything will be wonderful.

It has been known for a long time that electromagnetic fields in conjunction with other toxic substances can trigger catastrophic effects. Heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, etc.) from current or former tooth implants are the main cause of this. From the experience of our self-help organisation (founded in 1992) we know that at least 95 % of all severely electrosensitive people have been poisoned by heavy metals. The responsible authorities know of this connection, which is the trigger for collateral damage in affected individuals. Healthy people find this difficult to understand. So in many respects we ourselves are walking antennas – but this radiation is no good for anybody’s health.

Our small organisation in Munich is one of the few institutions in the country, where affected people can at least ask for a return phone call and for advice. Desperate callers to the environmental authorities, the federal office for radiation protection, the health authorities as well as the federal communication network agency are referred to us: There are destitute elderly and isolated people who – in their desperation – spend the worst hours of the night on park benches, trying to escape from their neighbours‘ wifi. There are parents of small children, who contact us, looking for specially trained physicians and suitable places to live. And there are many ordinary citizens, who do not want to deprive anybody of anything or to do anybody any harm. They all know no way out and lose all trust in a government, which considers other interests more important.

Attached [see below] you will find a record of phone calls we received during a few of days in July 2015. This is just an example to give you an insight into the plight we find ourselves in. After all, from official authorities there is no help available. At best you receive fake expressions of pity, in which certain people recommend “behaviour therapies” to these “poor people”. This is fully in line with the psycho-trend, which seems to rule the world.

A life with dignity? Help or even rights for electrosensitive people, who are seeking protection? Perhaps even the chance to take part in the life of society despite our functional handicap? You’re joking! More likely they are just waiting for us to die out. Most of those affected have therefore born their fate for many years – in isolation, resignation, silence and still hoping. It is only the newly affected who are trying to make their voices heard, and they face incomprehension.

In his search for an explanation of this inhumane attitude, author Werner Thiede, in his book “The Digital Tower of Babel” (“Digitaler Turmbau zu Babel”), offers some good insights into its causes and what lies behind it. He unerringly brings into connection with cyclically occurring, large scale, collective delusions in society, for which there seems to be no remedy as long as the damage does not become too painful to be ignored. Tricky is the fact that these delusions hardly ever repeat themselves in the same way in respect of content, goal and form. That of course makes them so difficult to recognise.

Digitalism? I began using this term a while ago in order to be better able myself to recognize the underlying causes of the situation in which we find ourselves. For we are not just dealing with a technology that consists of sequences of the digits 0 and 1.

We are dealing with an ideology. Nor is it just about money – it is also a claim to totalitarian power. This is readily apparent in the new name of the giant GoogleHolding in Silicon Valley. The audacity of using one of the foundation stones of our human culture as the name of a company speaks volumes.

A small final point to help raise awareness of what is currently happening with the mobile telecommunication technology: The digital industry is currently in the process of moving away from the earth-bound, horizontal level of mobile telephony, and – through their own satellite systems – is about to make its power “untouchable”. A long-term leasing contract for a NASA airport is self-explanatory. Our democracies with their means of legal redress will take decades to counteract these developments. And then only, if they are still able to find the mental clarity, necessary for this.

In future, digital pulsed microwave radiation will come even more from “above”. Satellites already do catch sunlight with their photovoltaic sails, and will then send it, together with digital information in the form of pulsed electromagnetic fields, down to earth, and they will also receive similar information from earth. To this end, we will be blessed with drones, balloons and other radiating devises in the sky. By connecting it to the mobile internet, the goal of turning earth into one giant computer has almost been achieved.

Stuttgart, August 2015

Record of the phone calls from 22 to 29 July 2015

22 July, 2015 (8:16 a.m.)
Mrs. W from Rheingau asks for advice. She is a cancer patient and needs to avoid electromagnetic fields. The managers of her apartment block now want to install radio-based smoke detectors in her flat. She asks for advice on whether there are alternatives that do not involve radio communication, or whether there is a law that gives her the right to be in control of her own bedroom. The local environmental authority referred her to us.

23 July (11:53 a.m.)
Mrs. J. wants to contact the heirs of a beautiful house which they plan to sell with. The house is located in an area with very little mobile phone coverage near the German Alps, and has been renovated in accordance with biological standards. She herself, currently lives as a tenant in one flat in the house, but she cannot afford to buy it. She is looking for a group of electrosensitive people to buy the house, so that she can continue living in a small part of it.

23 July (11:59 a.m.)
Mrs. B. from Northern Hesse is a non-medical practitioner and more and more patients ask her about the issue of “dirty electricity”. She is familiar with Samuel Milham’s book and would like to have information in German for herself and her patients. In her area there are increasing problems with powerline communication (PLC), which is marketed as an alternative to wifi. Unfortunately, for people with electrohypersensitivity (EHS) this technology is also a devastating source of radiation, causing a lot of suffering and polluting entire buildings.

24 July (12:20 a.m.) 
Mrs. B. from Baden would like recommendations on protective clothing. Without it she is almost no longer able to leave her home, and she needs to buy more protective clothing. She has been electrosensitive for many years and lives near mobile phone masts and a railway line (radio communication system of the railways, etc.). She has no money to move house and lives on her own. She mentions amalgam as the cause of her complaints in connection with radio signals. Those fillings were removed a couple of years ago, but she can still sense the radiation in her teeth, her jaw and her head.

25 July (5:08 p.m.) 
Mrs. K. from Baden-Württemberg asks to be called back. She rings concerning her husband, who is severely affected. He has been suffering from severe EHS for many years, due to deposits from aluminium fumes, as a consequence of his work in one of the big German industrial companies. He was granted early retirement. The chelation detox-treatments he has undergone so far have had no effect. He is in contact with a euthanasia organisation in Switzerland and wants to know whether there are also possibilities in Germany for electrosensitive people to put an end to their suffering. He also still hopes to receive news on refuge areas for people with EHS, which we are unable to give him.

27 July (1:41 p.m.)
Mrs. H. from Niedersachsen asks for a return call. For 10 years she has been suffering from severe multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) due to amalgam and from EHS. She only has a few teeth left and parts of her upper jaw have been removed. She lives in her own house on a small piece of land. Three weeks ago, two neighbours bought radio-operated lawn-mowing robots. She cannot endure it, when the mowers switch themselves on (every 2nd day automatically). The wired loops in the ground come within 1 metre of her bedroom wall. Among other things, we talked to a building biologist in Switzerland, who we are friendly with. In Switzerland there are also people similary affected who suffer from automatic lawn-mowing robots. The Federal Office for Communications in Switzerland knows about the problem and in some cases they send surveyors to the affected people. In most cases, changes to the installations are requested verbally. In public, however, there is likewise silence on this topic.

28 July (10:20 a.m.)
Dr. K. from the Rhineland rings us. She is a physician. Her husband is a dentist, and he has big problems due to severe EHS since an energy-saving light bulb broke in their house. Since then he suffers from epilepsy when exposed to radiofrequency radiation (especially wifi). Now, he has to undergo further professional training at a seminar run by the medical association. They refuse to turn off the wifi. If he does not participate in this training, he will lose his registration as a dentist. She and her husband ask whether we can recommend a suitable lawyer. Furthermore, we talk about the problem which new cars pose for people with EHS. The main cause of the complaints are the locking systems. Therefore the K. family still drive a 15-year-old car and hope that it will continue to run for many years.

28 July (11:38 a.m.)
Mr. B. from Upper Bavaria asks for advice. The building biologist advises him to shield his small flat on the 5th floor opposite a big mobile phone base station. He receives a pension for early retirement plus income support on top, and he cannot afford the shielding. Just shielding the front wall would not be enough, since the neighbours use wifi. His health has been poor for many years. He still has amalgam fillings, some root canal treatments and now a new titanium implant. This has led to a further deterioration in his condition. He cannot find a new flat and he has no family or friends who could help him. In the course of the conversation it becomes clear that he is considering suicide. The messages on the answering machine are mostly listened to by board members and a few other active members, who then also call back. This record was compiled by Frank Berner on 30 August 2015. He received these messages and returned the phone calls. The messages are on record as documentary proof available at any time.

Verein für Elektrosensible und Mobilfunkgeschädigte e.V.
(Association for the electrosensitive and mobile injured)
c / o Joint Welfare Association
Charles de Gaulle-Str. 4
81737 München

Phone: +49 (0)89/61 37 24 98



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