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25 February 2016

Philips to Unveil Wireless Vital Signs Patch for General Wards

[Unsettling news for electrosensitive persons. this development suggests that ES/EHS people will need to wear some sort of identifier (e.g. wristband etc) in case they have an accident and end up in ICU.]

Philips to Unveil Wireless Vital Signs Patch for General Wards
medgadget.com, 24 February 2016

Philips has announced that the company will soon release a wireless patient monitoring patch for use in general wards when watching over at-risk patients. The device measures the heart and breathing rates, skin temperature below the patch, and we’re also guessing motion sensors to detect when someone gets out of bed or falls. The patches will regularly update their readings to a nurse’s station where every patient’s status can be seen and where alerts would be raised.

Philips hopes that continuous wireless monitoring that has previously been available for ICUs will allow hospitals to “reduce associated costly adverse events, complications, unplanned transfers back to the ICU and longer lengths of hospitalization,” according to Carla Kriwet, CEO Patient Care and Monitoring Solutions at the firm.


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