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09 February 2016

Switzerland: Petition to the City Council of Zurich: Switch Off Wi-Fi in Schools, Kindergarten and Nurseries

Turn off Wi-Fi in schools, kindergarten and nurseries in Zurich

Petition Addressed to the City Council of Zurich - February 2016

Original text in German:  Click here

(Note:  This is a summary translation by Google.)

Since 2015 WLAN [Wi-Fi] has been forbidden in facilities for small children in Israel and France by law. In schools, it must be switched off after use to reduce the radiation exposure as much as possible. Canada is considering similar measures. Governments adopt these laws for good reason.

In Zurich, the router or access points are not switched off in kindergarten and primary schools.
In the brochure "Wi-Fi in the schools of Zurich", the tip is added: "Turn on the WLAN only when you need it"... The School and Sports Department of the City of Zurich recommends this in its pamphlet, but this is not possible with the current technical installation.  In most nurseries in Zurich, wireless devices have been installed so that they cannot be switched off.   

There are neither requirements nor recommendations from the authorities to protect children from increasing radiation exposure.

For this reason we have petitioned the city council to introduce disconnectable Wi-Fi in schools, kindergarten and nurseries.

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