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18 March 2016

Australia: Residents Harbor Radiation Fears Over NBN Towers

Pheasants Nest residents are worried about a proposed
tower which could potentially emit radiation.
Residents harbour radiation fears over NBN towers
by Peter Way, Macarthur Chronicle Wollondilly, 18 March 2016

Residents at The Oaks and Pheasants Nest have raised concerns over the impending construction of NBN towers that will boost signal strength to these areas.

Street meetings have been held by residents concerned about levels of radiation that will emanate from the towers.

Residents have written objections and made petitions based on health and visual concerns as well as a lack of consultation.

The Oaks resident Charlie Wells said a tower was to be built on a neighbouring property about 200 metres from her property.

“The radiation is in addition to that received from microwave ovens, mobile phones and medical procedures,” she said.

“There is no absolute proof that this radiation is safe in the long-term or in the lifeterm of a person.

“Cigarette smoking was seen as harmless for a long time and some doctors actually thought it would help with relaxation.”

Mrs Wells also said the towers would tarnish the natural environment residents had chosen to live in.

“People have chosen to live in this area because of its scenic, rural setting and cleaner air,” she said.

“This structure will also devalue the properties.”

NBN state corporate affairs manager for NSW Kylie Lindsay said the NBN operated its fixed wireless network safely and responsibly at signals strengths significantly below national and World Health Organisation (WHO) standards.

“Our proposal at Pheasants Nest will operate at least 1300 times below the WHO safety limit, and our proposed network facility at The Oaks would operate at a signal strength at least 900 times below the WHO safety limit,” she said.

“In the Camden and Wollondilly LGAs alone there are already more than 190 licensed radio facilities operating and almost all of those are in close proximity to adjoining properties,” she said.

“NBN’s proposals are no different to the many radio sites already providing services across Camden and Wollondilly.”

“The nbn delivered over the fixed wireless network will mean a significant and substantial improvement in the speed and reliability of internet services to the Wollondilly and Camden region, making these regions a more desirable place to live and work.”


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