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15 March 2016

United Kingdom: Free Wi-Fi Launched at Hospitals Across East Kent

[An example of the ignorance of the medical profession.  Imagine exposing cancer patients to a "possible carcinogen"!  The Geneva Cancer League (La Médiane) has banned Wi-Fi from its premises.]

Free wi-fi launched at hospitals across east Kent
by Gerry Warren, gwarren@thekmgroup.co.uk, kentonline.co.uk, 14 March 2016

Patients at hospitals across east Kent can now keep in touch with family and friends over the internet following the launch of a free wi-fi service.

A new system has been designed and installed by the east Kent hospitals trust's own IT team and is also available to visitors.

Previously patients had to rely on a good mobile signal and the potential data cost of communicating.

But already an average of 1,200 devices are being logged onto every day at hospitals in Thanet, Canterbury, Ashford and Dover, providing particular benefits for those on longer stays.

Among them is cancer patient Karen Long, who is delighted to be able to use her smart phone to access social media while receiving chemotherapy treatment at the Cathedral Day Unit, Kent and Canterbury Hospital.

She said: “When I was in the hospital before, I wasn’t able to communicate with anybody because I couldn’t get a signal.

"Now with the wi-fi, I can let people know how I am getting on and, for the babysitters, when I am likely to be home.”

Director of IT Andy Barker said: "It shows just how much our patients and visitors appreciate having this facility available to them.

"We enable streaming services and most communication programmes, which allow patients to keep in touch with family and friends.”

Patients and visitors who would like to use the wi-fi should visit www.ekhuft.nhs.uk/wifi to find out how to access it on trust premises.


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