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05 April 2016

Argentina Seeks National Law Against Electromagnetic Pollution

Argentina seeks a national law against electromagnetic pollution
Nuevo Chronista, 28 March 2016

Bill limits maximum levels of radiation and mandates wired connections in schools and hospitals. Siting of transmitters will require public consultation. Mercedes Party members behind the scenes.

"In Argentina's House of Representatives, a bill was introduced to prevent, reduce, control and impose penalties on electromagnetic pollution. Called "Minimum premises for prevention and control of electromagnetic pollution", it was introduced by Representative Gabriela Trioano and co-sponsored by Carlos Rubín, Diana Conti and Carolina Gailard. It is supported by many NGOs, unions and neighborhood organizations."

The project aims to provide a regulatory framework to "radio infrastructure with radiant systems, antennas and all installations capable of generating electromagnetic radiation" in order to "ensure the protection of public health" considering "both thermal effects and biological".  In education and health facilities only wired connections to data networks and Internet access may be used. In hospitals phones may not be used in areas that health authorities have higher health risk.


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