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EMF Studies

22 April 2016

EMR Action Day: 23 April 2016

The worldwide EMR Action Day is this Saturday. Switch off your Wi-Fi, tablets, and cell phones to reconnect with the earth and people! 

This day was created to raise awareness about the biological harm that wireless radiation is doing to the world. In some locations wireless radiation is almost a trillion times higher than it would naturally be. This is one day that we can all come together and reduce its impact.

We must work together to educate others about the importance of using wires instead of wireless for our computers and other devices. It is important for people to learn that cell phones should be off the body when on and away from the head when being used. They need to know that children should only use cell phones in an emergency.

Governments must recognize the biological impact of wireless radiation and act to protect the public. Your participation in this action day and being a part of our community adds to the momentum of enlightenment that is occurring in the world. There are many countries now creating legislation to protect their citizens from wireless radiation. We must work to ensure that there is a worldwide referendum to stop this wireless radiation experiment that none of us signed up for!

Please forward this email and brochure to friends and family so they can be a part of this important event.

Desiree Jaworski
Executive Director
Center for Safer Wireless, P.O. Box 166, Haymarket, VA 20168

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