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19 April 2016

France: Smart Meter Row Heads to Court

Smart meter row heads to court
connexionfrance.com, 19 April 2016

ELECTRICITY company ERDF is taking a Seine-et-Marne town to court over its decision to prohibit the installation of ‘smart’ Linky electricity meters.

ERDF, a subsidiary of EDF that manages the public electricity distribution network, said that it had taken the ‘exceptional’ decision to seek a legal ruling from the tribunal administratif de Melun because it believes that towns do not have the authority to ban the company from installing the meters.

In December, councillors in Varennes-sur-Seine voted against allowing the meters pending ‘more complete results on constraints, hazards and risks’ particularly in relation to electromagnetic waves. Le Parisien reports.

Varennes is not the only town to raise concern about the meters. According to Gironde councillor and environmental activist Stéphane L’homme, more than 100 towns and villages have said they will not accept the meters. But most are not scheduled for addition to the Linky network until much later.

So far 620,000 meters have been installed in towns across France. They measure electricity consumption in real-time and transmits the information daily to electricity suppliers. ERDF says this allows for more accurate billing.

But critics worry that bills will increase, while others have voiced concern over possible health risks associated with electromagnetic waves.

The company has offered to let ‘independent laboratories conduct wave tests on already-installed meters,’ it said in a statement.

Photo: Olivier Guerrin / ERDF

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