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11 April 2016

Protect Children from the Radiation of Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi

Advice of the Cyprus National Committee on Environment and Children's Health - Protect Children from the Radiation of Mobile Phones and Wi-Fi
(English translation by Environmental Health Trust - January 2016 - 4 mn.)

You will find the English transcript below.

"Since you love us, why do you radiate us with wireless?"

[Committee]:  "Our children live in an electronic age, connected every day, exposed to radiation from phones, tablets, and other Wi-Fi devices.  

"The World Health Organization classifies it as a 2B possible human carcinogen.  According to recent research, it is possible that this radiation could lead to very serious effects, altering the development and function of the brain, the reproductive system, and affect embryonic and child development, impacting our bodies at the cellular level, even our DNA, impact attention spans, increase anxiety, and lead to other neurological problems.  

"Our children are very vulnerable.  We can protect them from this danger to a substantial degree."

[Children]:  "Since you love us, why do you radiate us with wireless and with mobile phones?  We have a right to health.  You have the ability to protect us."

[Committee]: "The recommendations of scientists, educators and doctors is to reduce radiation exposure to children from electronics, mobile phones, tablets and Wi-Fi internet connections, especially at home and at school."

[Doctor, Cyprus Pediatric Society]:  "Child exposures to electronics generate a danger.  Do not give wireless devices to children under 14 years old to safeguard their health and future.  This holds true for pregnant women.  Do not put your cell phone in your bedroom, in your pocket or close to your chest.  Use hands-free kits and hold the phone away from your body."

[A father]:  "I am aware of the dangers. I choose ethernet for internet connections (rather than wireless).  I only turn on Wi-Fi when needed and never when my children are close by.  I never use the cell phone when my children are in the car.  This is a very important issue.  I am going to protect my children."

[Committee]:  "In France, Wi-Fi is banned in places for young children and here, wireless should be severely restricted."

[Children]:  "We spend 75% of our time in school and at home.  We request protection from Wi-Fi and mobile phones.  Health is a right.  Don't you want that for us?"

[Committee]:  "We do not have the right to risk the health of our children, expecting other people to act.  Let's put aside convenience and bestow upon them the best gift - HEALTH.  Take precautions, especially at home and at school."

[A mother]:  "My home is the center of love and safety.  I turn OFF wireless when I am not using it, especially when the children are home.  I always turn it off at night.  It is very easy to decrease exposure by turning Wi-Fi OFF when you are are not using it.  I want my children to live a long life."

[Committee]:  "The life and future of our children is in our hands.  Give your children the irreplaceable gift of health."

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