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19 April 2016

Wi-Fi Now 2016: Donna Hughes, Wi-Fi Advocate, Speaks Today at Confab

[Author, Donna Rice Hughes, speaks
of "safe" Wi-Fi in terms of blocking
children's access to pornography.]
Donna Hughes, Wi-Fi Advocate, Speaks Today at Confab
by Jack O'Dwyer, odwyerpr.com, 19 April 2016

Donna Rice Hughes, who campaigns for “safe” Wi-Fi for children, meaning blocking their access to internet porn, speaks at 1:30 p.m. today at Sheraton Tysons Corner, Va. Web health advocates say the Wi-Fi bombarding children in classrooms is anything but “safe.”

The health advocates don’t like the term “safe” used in any context in connection with Wi-Fi. Nor do they like the term“Friendly Wi-Fi” which originated in the U.K. and is being brought here by Hughes. She has been working on blocking kids from web porn since 1994 via Enough is Enough.

Hughes is speaking at Wi-Fi Now USA 2016 at the Sheraton.

Meeting chair Claus Hetting withdrewpress registration for the O’Dwyer Co. after being told we want speakers to address health issues raised by Wi-Fi and other radiation.

We especially wanted to be able to cover the talk by Hughes today and the talk by Federal Communications Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel at 11 a.m. Thursday which is labeled “Fireside Chat.”

Christine O'Dwyer was turned away shortly after 9 a.m. today when she approached the registration desk for Wi-Fi Now that blocked entrance to the meeting rooms. Administrator Heidi Fredholm Jepsen said registration is closed and O'Dwyer would not be permitted to enter the meeting area. Asked if she could cover Donna Rice Hughes at 1:30, Fredholm Jepson replied that she could not. O'Dwyer then left the hotel.

Rosenworcel is noted for her interest in bringing the internet to children in after school hours. Children who use computers and cellphones must be made aware of the dangers of such instruments. They must never press a cellphone to their ears, avoid cordless phones, hold the cellphone away from the body, never carry one in a pocket, and stay at least three feet away from a computer screen and the computer. A wired keyboard and wired mouse should be used.

These and other health precautions should be part of the program today but Hetting said health issues will not be raised.

Hughes Was Media Figure

Hughes became part of a media firestorm in 1988 when the National Enquirerpublished a picture of her sitting on the lap of Senator Gary Hart who was the leading candidate for the Democratic Presidential nomination.

That was the end of his Presidential bid. Hughes, 29 at the time, kept a low profile until 1994 when she got involved in Enough is Enough which focuses on trying to block children from accessing pornography on the internet. She authored in 1998 Kids Online: Protecting Your Children in Cyberspace.

Hughes has been emailed a request to meet with O’Dwyer senior editor Christine O’Dwyer who is at the hotel. No response has been received thus far.

Vision of “Wi-Fi World” on Today’s Program

Today’s program at Wi-Fi Now includes a presentation titled “Wi-Fi Alliance: a Vision of a Wi-Fi World” by Edgar Figueroa of the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Trond Wueliner of Google is discussing, “Next Generation Home Wi-Fi with Google OnHub.

A panel of people from Cirrent, USA, Quantenna, Google, CableLabs and Air Ties will discuss “The Wi-Fi Connected Home Today and in the Future.”

John D’Annunzio of Samsung will discuss “Samsung: a New Vision for the Wi-Fi Connected Enterprise.”

Graham Cove, an “independent,” will talk about “How Wi-Fi will revolutionize retail.”

Ajay Patel of Google has the topic, “Google & Indian Rail: Wi-Fi for ten million people a day.”

Paul Garnett of Microsoft will discuss “Using Wi-Fi to close the homework gap.”

Rajat Ghai of Benu Networks will talk on “Core networks for Carrier Wi-Fi everywhere."


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