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10 May 2016

Switzerland: Youth Cited for Science Project on Effect on Red Blood Cells of Electromagnetic Radiation from Wireless Technologies

Extract of article from Südostschweiz, 30 April 2016
(Google translation from German with a few grammatical changes)

At the National Competition of 'Swiss Youth in Science'  93 young people from all over Switzerland presented their science projects... Here is one winner with his presentation on radiation from wireless technologies:

The radiation is with you!

Niclas Burkhardt from Rapperswil made it his task to investigate the "influence of electromagnetic waves on the structure and arrangement of human erythrocytes". His conclusion: "The radiation is with you!"

In an interview with "Swiss Youth in Science", the student from the Kantonsschule Ausserschwyz explains: "This topic interests me because it affects us all.  We are part of a society in which almost everyone has a cell phone.  In terms of electromagnetic pollution, what does that mean for us ?"

To find out, Burkhardt took a lot of work on himself: "I examined the impact of a short telephone call with the handset on the structure of our red blood cells. In addition , I have taken blood samples from several people before and after a phone call to the ear and compared them under the light microscope", says the student.

He found:  "The shape of the red blood cells can be changed by the call, the most common deformation is the appearance of small bumps on the cells."

When asked what he wants to achieve with his work, Burkhardt says: "I want to shed some light on the darkness of the subject of cell phone radiation and electromagnetic pollution. Some swear that is our common ruin.  Many others argue that everything is completely safe.  You do not know what to think."

Niclas Burkhardt's work received the citation "excellent" and through his prize, will be presented at the sustainability Olympics 2017.

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Original article in German:

For those interested in the effect of electromagnetic radiation on blood, read this article on a similar experiment, published in January 2015:  "Does Short-term Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation Affect the Blood?" 

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