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18 June 2016

Canadian Supreme Court Rules that Cities Cannot Block Location of Cell Towers

Re. Rogers vs. Chateauguay: Canadian Supreme Court rules that cities cannot block location of cell towers
by Magda Havas, via Maison du 21ème siècle, 
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On June 16, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that municipalities have no say in the placement of cell phone towers or antennas. It is ironic that the ruling comes just a few weeks after the release of the National Toxicology Program (NTP) research showing an increase in tumors in male rats exposed to cell phone radiation.

While health concerns were the reason the City of Chateauquay opposed the location Rogers selected for its antennas, health had nothing to do with the Supreme Court decision. The telecom industry comes under federal jurisdiction and municipalities have no rights in this matter. Land can be expropriate and it is up to Industry Canada to determine which locations are acceptable.

This is not necessarily bad news. The federal government SHOULD be protecting the rights of Canadians to live in a safe and healthy environment. If both Health Canada and Industry Canada understood how harmful this radiation is and if they simply did their job we could be living in a healthier environment.

We need more appropriate guidelines and adequate buffer zones especially near schools, hospitals, and in residential areas. The problem is not with the Supreme Court ruling but rather with the two federal agencies (Health Canada and Industry Canada) that are are failing to do their job.

Few people realize that the Health Canada guidelines in Safety Code 6 are ONLY for federal buildings so Canada doesn’t even have guidelines to protect regular people in their own homes! These guidelines are out of date and are based on a flawed assumption that, "if it doesn’t heat you, it doesn’t hurt you.” And even when guidelines are exceeded (as happened in a school in Collingwood) Health Canada wasn’t concerned at all. They refused to go to the school and investigate this problem when asked by a CBC reporter.

It is time for both Industry Canada and Health Canada to heed the warning from the $25 million NTP report and to recognize that microwave radiation is harmful at levels to which people are currently exposed. We need Industry Canada to establish adequate buffer zones around antenna sites. Isn’t there anyone at these agencies who “gets it” and has the balls to do something about it? That goes for the wireless industry as well. How can these people sleep at night knowing that their technology, when placed too close to homes, is killing people?

While the court ruling was not based on health effects, I wonder IF the Supreme Court Justices HAD known about the health effects of microwave radiation would they have voted the same way?

Where is the moral and legal responsibility for the cancers that will develop (and have been developing) because of these antennas? Is it the providers who generate this radiation; Health Canada with their inadequate guidelines; Industry Canada with the absence of appropriate buffer zone around antennas; the Supreme Court Justices who failed to consider health in their decision; or the property owner who benefits financially by renting space to the telecom industry? Or is premature death due to cancer, reproductive problems, and chronic ill health just the price we pay for the frivolous way we use this technology?

Certainly would appreciate a legal opinion and an ethicist’s opinion on the legal and moral responsibilities related to cell phone antennas. Also, wonder when the lemmings will realize there is a cliff ahead?

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