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07 June 2016

Cell Phone Threat

Well-expressed opinion!

Cell phone threat

by Kathy Hawk, butlereagle.com (Pennsylvania), 6 June 2016

For years, the safety of cell phones has been debated.

On one hand, hundreds of studies show that radio frequency levels hundreds of times lower than the FCC safety standards cause damage to biological systems.

On the other hand, industry executives and FCC officials have adhered to what is called a “thermal paradigm” claiming that RF radiation is not harmful unless it causes physical burns or shock.
The hypothesis that cell phone radiation, in the absence of heating, could not cause health effects has now been disproved by an agency of the federal government.

A recently completed two-year, $25 million study by the US. National Toxicology Program on rats exposed to GSM or CDMA cell phone signals, has shown statistically significant increases in 2 types of cancer: glioma (a tumor of the lial cells in the brain) and malignant schwannomo of the heart, which is a very rare tumor. None of these tumors were found in the unexposed rats.

The exposures were carefully conducted in a way that heating would not be a contributing factor to any association between cell phones and cancer.

Since the body temperature of the exposed rats increased only minimally, it is now nearly impossible to deny the conclusion that heat induction is not the major cause of biological damage.

The cells, which became cancerous in the NIP rat study, are the identical types of cells as those that have been shown to develop into tumors in human epidemiological studies.

The NTP study, the largest of its kind to date, has undergone extensive reviews, and the consensus is there s a carcinogenic effect from cell phone radiation.

The FCC and FDA, the two agencies responsible for regulating cell phone radiation, should act quickly to inform the public that their existing heat-based safely standards are inadequate to protect public health.

Kathy Hawk
Butler Township


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