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13 June 2016

Electromagnetic Radiation: Children and Adolescents Are Particularly Vulnerable

Wireless radio networks such as Wi-Fi: health problems
in the long run cannot be excluded.
Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable
Friends of the Earth (BUND), Germany
(Google translation)

More and more different electronic devices such as televisions, clock radios, PCs, computer games on WLAN or Bluetooth are finding their way into children's bedrooms. The users are getting younger. Wireless networks are set up in schools. Wireless baby monitors and toys are around for the little ones.

Parents wrongly assume  that legislative thresholds for electromagnetic fields provide sufficient protection against ill health.  Advertising shows happy families and suggests that the use of baby monitors, smartphones, cordless telephones (DECT), mobile Internet sticks, wireless-based stereos and similar equipment is completely safe and harmless. 

The BUND wants to draw attention to the specific risks for children and other sensitive groups and teach prevention options. Children and young people are particularly sensitive to electromagnetic pollution because during the development phase of organs, damage is particularly serious and frequent and is not reversible. The body's own protective functions and barriers are not fully developed.. You need the special protection of the legislature. There is urgent need for responsible use of new technologies by competent bodies, educators, parents and children in order to protect our children now and in the future from harm. The BUND provides help, available options, largely to protect children and young people from the risks of electromagnetic radiation. 

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