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23 June 2016

Forced MMR Vaccination in Young Medical Student Inflicts Injury

Dr. Robert J. Rowen
Everyone should read this testimony.

Forced vaccination in young medical student inflicts injury.  She visits my office due to the injury.
by Dr. Robert J. Rowen, 23 June 2016

In light of my last post on the unvaccinated faring better in a pertussis outbreak, I have a follow up opposite report. This one details an injury to a previously MMR unvaccinated young adult by a forced MMR vaccination – in a woman I saw today in the office.

A mixed racial female, then, age 21, (I’ll call her Janet) who had already been accepted to medical school, was going to enter a (pre medical school) hospital training program. Despite a known egg allergy and a legitimate waiver from a licensed physician, she was forced to get MMR (which contains egg) vaccine.. She was threatened that her training would be forfeited if she did not comply. The medical school also would have demanded it, if she did not permit the injection from the hospital. She submitted.

You might wonder why Janet did not have the MMR as a child.

Janet was at her incredible mother’s breast for an outstanding 3.5 years. She had had DPT, oral polio and Hep B as a child. Her highly educated mom refused the MMR due to high fever and severe reaction to Janet’s last DPT.

Janet, as a late teen, had successfully overcome a myriad of medical problems by avoiding gluten and dairy. These problems included eczema, acne, and autoimmune thyroiditis. She was able to reduce her need for thyroid down to 1/16th grain per day. Of course conventional medicine had done nothing for her. (It is possible that some of these immune problems were set off by the previous vaccines. No way to know).

So now a young adult Janet had to submit to the MMR. She got shortness of breath immediately after the vaccine. This moved to severe tonsillitis and measles spots in her throat. She felt like she had meningitis with very severe headache.

Janet’s tonsillitis persisted, only gradually waning. Her symptoms moved on to major fatigue, which has persisted to this day, 2 years later, and well into medical school. (This was her reason for seeing me). Her previous thyroidits, which was quiet, roared back horribly. It required a full replacement dose of thyroid and no hope of getting off. Her thyroid basically turned off after the MMR. She went from needing just 1/16 of a grain to 2.25 grains per day. She might now have to live the rest of her life on full dose thyroid replacement.

Janet’s eczema worsened considerably and her acne got more aggressive. All these effects came on soon after the vaccine. In summary, the forced MMR triggered a significant autoimmune reaction, and disrupted her life.

This is an outstanding example of how little those forcing vaccines upon our children, and now also upon adults, really know of the actual long-term ramifications of what they compel. There have to be many others like this (I’ve seen some), and those responsible just don’t know, and most likely don’t care to know. It hasn’t been properly studied from my perspective. In my personal opinion, had Janet’s mom not been so protective, and Janet got the MMR at 18 months, when her central nervous system was still developing, she might never have had the brains it took to get into medical school. Worse, perhaps she might have been essentially a lifetime neurological vegetable.

I don’t think we have a clue as to the extent of vaccine injuries to the population at large. And, this young woman would have been denied her hospital training program, or worse, denied matriculating into medical school had she not proffered up her health with a severe, probably lifelong, price to pay. To me, the morality of this system is absolutely evil. A person’s job and career are being ransomed for a game of Russian roulette with a needle.

The forced vaccine mantra of children has metastasized to adults. Janet posed no risk to anyone. The risk was hers alone, should she get exposed. If vaccines work as well as the pundits claim, then those who choose to take the risk of vaccination will be protected. If the vaccinated do have risk, then someone is lying to you. There is a huge defect in logic here. And furthermore, we know that MMR measles immunity is plastic, that it wanes with time. Simply because your child is vaccinated at 18 months does not guarantee immunity at age 30, yet the pundits accept the vaccination in babyhood. Please see the following article:http://jid.oxfordjournals.org/content/197/7/950.full for some of the science on waning vaccine immunity with time.

And finally, we know that recent pertussis outbreaks have started and continued - in the vaccinated.

PS As we approach 12K “likes” on this page, I want to thank those of you who have “liked” this page and shared, and made comments. The page continues to grow with your help. The increased numbers permits me to give more time to bringing you health information (not just vaccines) from a different perspective, and which you might not get elsewhere.

About Dr. Rowen
Robert Rowen, 65, is a native of Delaware. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University (1971) with a BA. He attended medical school at the prestigious University of California, San Francisco, graduating in 1975. He attained the unusual distinction of becoming board certified in two conventional fields: Family Practice and Emergency Medicine, but in the early 1980’s he made the leap to unconventional medicine realizing that chemical based medicine may do far more harm than good.

He’s earned the affectionate title of “Father of Medical Freedom” from his colleagues for pioneering the first-ever statutory protection for unconventional medicine in Alaska in 1990, and was appointed in 1992 to a term on the Alaska State Medical Board. He survived multiple attacks by "quackbusters" and a hostile medical profession. A long-time medical journalist and clinician, he’s become a world leader in innovative medicine, and a sought after speaker on many medical topics. His passion is helping patients otherwise given up on by conventional medicine, and preserving and expanding what little is left of medical freedom.

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