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06 June 2016

Is Wi-Fi Causing Your Diabetes?

Is WiFi Causing Your Diabetes?by Wen Dee, zipzapinsights.com, June 2016

The most common forms of diabetes are Type 1: (Juvenile diabetes) that is usually genetically controlled, and Type 2 diabetes: (adult onset) and is attributed to lifestyle and obesity. Another type of diabetes, that isn’t widely diagnosed is Type 3 diabetes.

Type 3 Diabetes is caused by environmental exposure to electromagnetic pollutants (EMF’s, Wifi). WiFi is all around us in today’s society, including in the home: Enabling wireless devices/technologies such as, cell towers, cell phones, computers, tablets, wireless landline phones, video game consoles and a growing amount of other home appliances are rapidly being hooked up onto the wireless network.

Communications and utility companies claim the wireless networks (WiFi) that continuously emit electromagnetic frequencies into the home and environment are safe, yet many scientists (not paid by the communication industry) that can prove WiFI – Wireless technologies can cause severe health effects, get largely ignored.

As WiFi technologies have expanded, and more dirty electricity is also being generated, so has the rise in various health issues that are often misdiagnosed, leaving the patient to get sicker and sicker. If you are someone or know someone that is getting sicker and sicker, yet told nothing is wrong, you may have a condition called electrosensitivity – See A Look at Electrosensitivity

If you or someone you know has diabetes that doesn’t seem to settle, it may be possible that you or they have Type 3 diabetes, and the video below is well worth watching…

Is WiFi Causing Your Diabetes? by Dr Magda Havas
How Do I Know If I Have Type 3 Diabetes?

The video above was based on peer reviewed research done by Dr Magda Havas – Can be viewed – Electromagnetic energy can cause diabetes

Please note it is not uncommon to have more than one type of diabetes. Following the tips below will give you some idea if WiFi and dirty electricity is the main cause or contributing to your diabetes.

(1) Does your blood sugar increase after using electronic exercise equipment?
(2) Does your blood sugar suddenly spike or fall for no apparent reason?
(3) Does your blood sugar change in different environments?
(4) Do you have difficulty regulating your blood sugar?
(5) Has anyone ever told you, you have brittle diabetes?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is likely you have type 3 diabetes.

What Can You Do If You have Type 3 Diabetes
  • Test your environment for electromagnetic pollution
  • Minimize your exposure to electromagnetic pollution
  • Share this information with your doctor and others that have diabetes
For more information from Dr Magda Havas – See Electrosensitivity Association or Magda Havas.com

Another study was done in 2015, also proving that WiFi can cause diabeties – See Cell tower radiation can cause diabeties or See the original International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health report here

It is also important to note that On 11th May 2015 a group of over 160 scientists from across the globe, with over 2000 peer reviewed studies backing up their concerns of the severe health risks of EMF’s from WiFi, appealed to the United Nations for better safety measures to be put in place. Now as at June 2016 there are still NO better safety measures in place since this appeal was submitted last year. To keep up to date with this appeal See EMF Scientist.

Article written by Wen Dee – (June 2016)


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