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16 June 2016

No Cell Phones for Babies

"People are adults and informed of the risks."  The article, "Cell phones under scrutiny: an American study revives concerns. In Switzerland, the risk is considered minor."  (Tribune de Genève, 7 June 2016) does not mention the risks of cell phones to children's health.  Here is our critique :

No Cell Phones for Babies
by Meris Michaels, Readers' Mail, Tribune de Genève, 11-12 June 2016

The article, "Cell Phones Under Scrutiny" mentions that 97% of the population over age 16 uses a cell phone.

What about children under 16?  The other day, I saw a 3-year-old playing with a smartphone in the tram.  Her mother had no idea of the health risk from the radiation of this device.  A young child cannot read such articles or manuals warning of dangers.

We are going to develop virtual reality (VR) headsets for children where smartphones are found very close to the brain and eyes.  All manuals warn that a cell phone should not be held near the body.  Certain VR headsets should not be used by children under age 13.  Their skull, not yet fully developed, allows radiation, classified "possibly carcinogenic" by WHO, to penetrate deeply into the brain.

"Human beings are ready to take other risks," comments Dr. Christian Hess.  We are talking here of adults : young children do not smoke, do not drink, but they use cell phones.  They are incapable of judging the risks.  Many parents are not aware of risks.

We must inform the whole population now of the health issues of cell phones and their use to reduce radiation.  The risks are far from minor!

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