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16 June 2016

Switzerland: Soon More Powerful Mobile Phone Antennas?

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Our comment: Switzerland has just set a deplorable example for the world.  By increasing electrosmog in the environment, these decisions will have a devastating impact on the health of the population and in the long run, will be very costly for the economy of the Confederation:  medical care, absence from work.  Vulnerable persons:  children, pregnant women, the electrosensitive will suffer enormously.

Soon More Powerful Mobile Phone Antennas?
ats/nxp, 16 June 2016 (translated by the Editor of this blog)

Switzerland:  The National Council wants to ease protection against non-ionizing radiation in order to develop the mobile network.

In order to modernize more rapidly mobile phone networks, the protection against non-ionizing radiation must be decreased.  The National Council approved Thursday 96 votes for, 89 against and three abstentions, a committee motion in this direction.

The development of the mobile network is held back in Switzerland by very strict conditions regarding protection against non-ionizing radiation.  "With a reasonable adaptation of the limit values, the network could be expanded and modernized without resorting to new installations," Kurt Fluri (PLR/SO) pointed out.

The only other option would be to construct thousands of new base stations, given that of the 15,000 existing mobile phone installations, more than 6,000 are already reaching the authorized limit values.  The text also requests the Federal Council to simplify the implementing instruments as well as facility definitions.

Surveillance of radiation

In response to the many persons who wrote to the parliamantarians to express their concern regarding health risks, the project foresees establishing a system of surveillance of non-ionizing radiation.  This would be financed from a part of the approximately one billion francs that the Confederation has collected from the granting of concessions for mobile telephony.

For the sponsors such as the Federal Council, no study has proven the correlation between mobile phone installations and the risk of cancer.  We inflict more damage to the head with our cell phone glued to our ear than simply being exposed to antennas, Mr. Fluri reminds us.

Several members of the Green and UDC Parties fought in vain against the amendment to the ordinance on limit values.  "Do we want to renounce the precautionary principle which has directed all Swiss legislation?", asked Balthasar Glättli (Greens/ZH).  What about fertility problems of herds near installations?  Not to speak of the voluminous response received by the parlaimantarians from persons sensitive to the radiation.

Don't mix everything together

For the Federal Councillor, the problem is often mixed with other sources producing electrosmog like train lines.  The World Health Organization moreover has shown that only high frequency radiation could eventually be carcinogenic, which is not the case for mobile phone installations.

According to her, amounts of data are increasing from month to month, which makes actual installations obsolete.

The deputies also approved 94 votes for, 90 against, a committee postulate requesting the Federal Council to examine within the framework of the law on land-use planning measures aimed to simplify and accelerate procedures for granting construction permits for mobile phone antennas.  (ats/nxp)

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