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16 June 2016

Switzerland: The State Must Not Dictate to Its Citizens What Is Good Or Bad for Their Health

Alain Berset, Minister for Health
"Prevention is lots of money thrown out the window."

The Law on Tobacco Sacrificed on the Altar of Liberties
Excerpts (article not available online)

This article by Florent Quiquerez, appearing in the Tribune de Genève on 15 June 2016, sends a very clear message:  "The economy reigns supreme over the health of the population."  It is difficult to undertake preventive measures to protect health.  At the same time, the public is not aware of the risks of certain pollutants (pesticides, electrosmog) because the State is not doing enough to warn the public of dangers:

"The State must not dictate to its citizens what is good or bad for their health."

"We are for the protection of young people but against the principle of a State which decides what one must do."

"We work from the principle that the individual is responsible for his choices."

"Poeple are adults and informed of the risks."

"Prevention is lots of money thrown out the window."

Addiction Suisse : "Alongside individual responsibility there also exists a collective responsibility."

Alain Berset on smoking:  The Swiss economy:  4 million work-days lost each year because of smoking = 4 billion francs.  The producers of tobacco products are just a very small part of the Swiss economy.

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