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22 June 2016

United States: FCC to Vote on Rules for 5G Network in July

Federal Communications Chairman Tom Wheeler
says the proposed new rules for an ultrafast wireless
network will 'identify and open up vast amounts of
[airwaves] for 5G applications.'  Photo:
Pete Marovich/Bloomberg News
FCC to Vote on Rules for 5G Network in July
by John D. McKinnon, The Wall Street Journal, 20 June 2016

Proposed wireless network could help with autonomous vehicles, extending broadband access

Federal regulators said Monday they will vote in mid-July on new regulations to lay the groundwork for an ultrafast fifth-generation, or 5G, wireless network that is seen as important for new applications such as autonomous vehicles and the Internet of Things.

Federal Communications Commission Chairman Tom Wheeler said in prepared remarks Monday that the new rules will “identify and open up vast amounts of [airwaves] for 5G applications.”

The move will help assure that the U.S. remains a global leader in the race to develop new telecommunications technologies, he said

Among the ideas that could be advanced by 5G: autonomous vehicles, interconnected appliances, remote surgery, smart-city transportation grids, and immersive education and entertainment, Mr. Wheeler said.

The 5G technology also could help extend broadband access to remote rural areas that are currently expensive to serve.

But Mr. Wheeler added that some of the most important applications for 5G likely haven’t been imagined yet.

The FCC will vote on the so-called Spectrum Frontiers proceeding July 14. The focus of next month’s proceeding will be allocating high-band spectrum that holds the potential for superfast wireless speeds but has been underutilized because of technical challenges.

The proceeding is an attempt to repeat what Mr. Wheeler termed a “proven formula that made the United States the world leader in 4G…Lead the world in spectrum availability, encourage and protect innovation-driving competition, and stay out of the way of technological development.”

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