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09 June 2016

What It's Like Living with EHS

What it’s like living with EHS
by Richard Kimberley, BeyondTheVan, 8 June 2016

What’s it like for Electro Hypersensitive (EHS) people to live? Well basically, it’s like we’re on the run. Avoiding going near people (they all carry phones emitting radiation 24/7), avoiding public places and shops (free wi-fry… cordless phones… mobile phones… everywhere), avoiding most beautiful places because of the phone masts. Everywhere you turn there’s microwave radiation which makes us extremely poorly, within minutes.

It’s an extremely solitary life. Friends vanish rapidly, some try to understand but quite simply don’t get it. Some even think you’ve lost the plot. Most just don’t give a damn. Once you no longer have a mobile phone, you’re out of their digital lives which means to many of them, you’re basically dead. Family may do their best to understand, some of us are lucky enough to get support from our families, many EHS people aren’t so fortunate. New people who come into our lives may look at us like we’re complete idiots because they don’t understand. Some will try and make light of it and some will try and turn it into a joke. A life with EHS is no joke, I can assure you.

We see adverts for the latest 4G networks, Google balloons or the newest high powered WiFi technologies and amazing coverage that is being promised. We see the world get excited by the prospect of it all whilst we know all we can do is curl up on our own not knowing how we’re actually going to survive this torment and torture.

When we explain to people that what the world is addicted to is a killer for us, people don’t understand; they look at us as if we’re idiots. People simply don’t want to know, they don’t care. Of course, sometimes we talk to people with intelligence and they understand how wireless technology is dangerous radiation and make changes of their own for their own health preservation. They realise all this gadgetry doesn’t work by magic.

I had a great life, I had a lovely house and a great business. I had friends and even a social life. Becoming electro sensitive turned my life upside down and took away all these things that I took for granted, worked for and enjoyed. Would I go back to all that now if suddenly I didn’t become ill around wireless technology? No thank you. I hugely appreciate being given the ability to feel dangerous radiation in the same way others can sense danger if they smell smoke or see fire. Why would I want to be oblivious to it and have it harm me? Just as 96% of the population is doing.

I’m learning to manage my life with EHS. I’m past minding if people don’t care or understand. I look after myself and I do my best to look after my parents and daughter. I dedicate as much time as I can to other EHS sufferers, helping them in any way possible. These lovely people are not alone and they aren’t taking on the world single handed even if it does feel like it. There are lots of us out there in the very same boat. That boat isn’t sinking, it’s strengthening – with or without the help of the population who live their digital daily lives.

If you’re EHS, you’ll still be reading what was intended to be a short blog post. However, if you’re not electro sensitive and you’ve got this far then please educate yourself to the dangers of all this. For the sake of yourself, your children and anyone you care about.


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