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15 July 2016

Canada: Smart Meter Class-Action Suit in British Columbia Fails

Sharon Noble, proposed as a representative plaintiff in a
class-action suit against BC Hydro, protests outside the
Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Vancouver
 in 2012.  
Black Press file photo
Smart meter class-action suit in B.C. fails
by Tom Fletcherkamloopsthisweek.com
14 July 2016

The B.C. Supreme Court has dismissed an application by anti-smart meter activists to certify a class-action suit against BC Hydro’s use of the wireless meters.

It’s the latest defeat for opponents of wireless meters, whose claims of health hazards have also been rejected by the B.C. Utilities Commission and the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal.

In her June 12 decision, Justice Elaine Adair agreed with BC Hydro expert Dr. Benjamin Cotts that it would be impossible to assess a “common issue” of thousands of customers’ exposure to radio frequency exposure because of endless variations in distance and wall materials separating people from meters.

Cotts also noted that, in addition to radio frequency emissions from radio stations, cellphones, baby monitors, TV and weather radar, natural sources including lightning, other humans and the Earth itself make the assessment of meter emissions impractical.

BC Hydro said in a statement it is pleased by the decision on a wireless electricity system that has “realized $100 million in benefits in the first three years of the program, including reductions in electricity theft.”

The proposed representative plaintiffs in the class-action application included Nomi Davis, who operates a yoga and healing centre business in her home, and Sharon Noble, a long-time protester against wireless meters.


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