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02 July 2016

Electrohypersensitivity: When Will People Realise?

"For an electro sensitive person, the only thing that lies ahead as new technology emerges, is solitary suffering and misery." 

When will people realise?
by Richard Kimberley, BeyondTheVan, 8 June 2016

Electro hypersensitivity (EHS), Electro sensitivity (ES), microwave sickness… different names for the same condition. A condition that takes your world, turns it upside down and shakes it up just before booting it like a football into mid air, not knowing where it’s going to land next.

I’m electro sensitive. I can’t go near mobile phones, WiFi, phone masts, etc. For quite some time, I was actually embarrassed to tell people this simple fact. Yet if I was suffering from hay fever and happened to land myself in the middle of a freshly mowed field, would I shy away from explaining to someone that I have awful hay fever and need to leave? Course not; but why not? Sensitivities such as hay fever are known and accepted. Just as a fair haired person is known to be more likely burn in the sun than someone with darker features.

Electro sensitivity isn’t known to most. The world buys the latest smartphone or smart watch with the joy and excitement of the new possibilities that lie ahead. For an electro sensitive person, the only thing that lies ahead as new technology emerges, is solitary suffering and misery. Is this an exaggeration? Absolutely not. Many electro sensitives can feel a mobile phone that’s powered on within 10 metres away from them – myself included.

How do you explain to people that you can’t use or go near a mobile phone? Pardon me, are you crazy? Everyone has a mobile phone, right?! Not only that but I can’t go into a place with WiFi. You’re kidding me? Everywhere public has WiFi. We can’t go to the beach or to that idyllic countryside location, there’s a phone mast near. You’re pulling my chain, there are phone masts everywhere though! Oh you’re jumping on the band waggon of Better Call Saul…. good one. Excuse me while I just take this call on my mobile right next to you.

Welcome to the life of an electro sensitive. Of course, I’ve only mentioned a few things we have to spend our lives running from and avoiding. The list goes on – you can add domestic electrical appliances such as fridges, heaters, vacuum cleaners, and many more. Cordless telephones, wireless keyboards and mice. Bluetooth hands free, cordless credit card terminals, wireless CCTV and more. The list really doesn’t end.

I now carry a small alarm on my person which alerts me if I enter an environment that’s going to harm me, or if someone comes near me with a phone. My theory is the meter should alert me before my head does, giving me the chance to leave rapidly. This isn’t always the case, my head is a pretty accurate and sharp tool for sensing harmful electro magnetic fields.

There I was minding my own business in a known EMF free space. My meter started to alert me of microwave radiation and as I turned round, I was greeted by a chap who was passing by. Curiosity of course got the better of him and he asked what was beeping. “My radiation alarm” I informed him. I then proceeded to explain what it does and why I need it. “So it’s my mobile phone in my trouser pocket setting that thing off?” he asked. I confirmed this and his reaction was simply to laugh and say “oh never!” – not a second thought. Off he went and continued with his day. Had I perhaps told him it was a fire alarm and that his back trouser pocket was smouldering, his own senses would probably have raised a little concern.

I don’t own a smartphone and I never will again. Instead, I look up and see the world around me. I don’t miss the digital world encapsulated within the realms of my 4.7 inch liquid crystal display. As I look up I see the world for what it’s sadly become. Zombies roaming the streets, oblivious to their surroundings and completely engrossed in the world residing in their palm. Crossing the road, they just listen for the beep of the green man saying “go”. No need to look up, the phone is more important. Green man says go meaning traffic light is red. The drivers are all looking down, checking their messages. Their passengers sitting in silence as they live their virtual lives with their heads bowed down. Coming the other way is a minibus, his traffic light is on green but how does he know when his eyes are focused down on his phone? Eventually I reach the shops. Kids sitting outside, heads down and fingers scrolling. Inside the shop, the staff are sitting engrossed in their phones, but the self service checkout spoke to me at least.

People are bathing themselves in radiation 24 hours a day. They work in it, sleep in it and let’s face it, most of them even sit on the loo with it. When will they look up and realise there’s a world out there that’s wider than the 4.7 inches they’re used to? Since when has it been socially acceptable to take a computer into a restaurant to entertain children whilst eating? I’m of course referring to children being glued to a tablet. The same tablet they’re pacified with at home. When I was a child, I climbed trees and rode my bike. I arranged to meet my friends and spent time with them. Those days are as good as gone. The modern way is to sit alone and pretend you’re socialising.

Are people waiting for the bodies to be counted before they wake up? Or will that not be enough either? I can tell a heroin addict that his addiction will harm him, but he probably won’t stop taking it. Perhaps it’s already too late for most people. Thankfully, I’m electro sensitive and even though that makes finding safe places to go a mission and people often looking at me as if I have three eyes, at least I’ll live to tell the tale.


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