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25 July 2016

Forced Exposure to Electromagnetic Field Radiation at Work

Symptoms caused by EMF radiation at work
can be wide ranging and come on slowly.
This article is excellent.  Sources of EMF radiation at work are more widespread than we know.

Forced exposure to EMF radiation at work

Is your health put at risk for your employer’s profitability through radiation producing technology at work?

You see it more and more. Employees pretty much forced to be exposed to unnecessary EMF radiation by their employers because technological innovations make for a more productive and profitable business. Given that science is much divided about the risks of EMF radiation exposure (and the radiation exposure employees are subjected to may very well be under the governmental exposure limits) how do you bring up your desire not be exposed to unnecessary EMF radiation without being labeled a ‘difficult’ employee and perhaps having your career possibilities, or even employment term, immediately reduced?

In all fairness, we should make a distinction between employment that includes EMF radiation exposure by the very nature of the employment and on the other side jobs where EMF radiation exposure is not needed or intense body exposure to EMF was not reasonably to be expected. We will give some valuable tips on what to do for your health when you are exposed to EMF radiation at work but lets cover the issue of employer forced exposure first;
  • what are the dangers and health risks of EMF radiation exposure at work?
  • what are the symptoms of EMF radiation exposure?
  • what you can do about an employer changing your job description to include this exposure, and of course
  • who is liable for this exposure when things go wrong now or in the future?

Employers expecting employees to be exposed to EMF radiation and not speak up about it

We’ve seen it in the occasional jobs:
  • Order takers at the fast food drive-through restaurant with electrical and wireless transmission devices strapped to their waist and their ear, ‘plugged-in’ during their shift.
  • Life-guard with a radio strapped to their side or chest.
  • Police officers using hand-held radar.
  • The security guard or bouncer having one ear wired up to a transmitter.

But this exposure to EMF radiation is getting much wider spread. Many business employees I know and deal with in the businesses around me, know what I do for a living, and when they find themselves equipped with wireless transmitters strapped to them all day long because it ‘improves effectiveness’ they do ask me: ‘Should I be worried about radiation from this transmitter?’. Others ring us up, experiencing a decline in health and well-being and linking it to a recent ‘technical improvement’ at work involving transmitters, Wi-Fi or roof mounted mobile phone towers.

Put the transmitter on your waist, pregnant or not

In my area all the floor staff of a popular office stationary store have been equipped with wireless transmitters/receivers strapped to their waist. We see the same thing in electronics stores, hardware stores and many other establishments. It was just ‘expected’ by management and little regard was shown for if employees actually wanted this, if employees had health concerns or were pregnant.

How can EMF radiation (at work) affect health? What to look out for?

It seems problems can start very quickly or can take a long time to develop and to be recognised as being a result from EMF radiation exposure introduced at work. It is thought that 3-5% of the world population are electrohypersensative or EHS for short. This can mean that in a short time of exposure, and this can be hours or minutes, symptoms are experienced.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) mentions this as common symptoms of electromagnetic hypersensitivity on their website:

WHO: “The symptoms most commonly experienced include dermatological symptoms (redness, tingling, and burning sensations) as well as neurasthenic and vegetative symptoms (fatigue, tiredness, concentration difficulties, dizziness, nausea, heart palpitation, and digestive disturbances). The collection of symptoms is not part of any recognized syndrome.”

More people will be less sensitive to EMF radiation. Biological changes inside the person may go unnoticed for a long time but for many the resulting symptoms may take only weeks or months to manifest. The range of health issues linked to EMF radiation exposure experiences at home or at work are wide ranging. Here are some and you can find research links for all of these on our EMF Research page.

Do you have experience bringing this up with your employer or employees?
Tell others about it. Leave a comment below, it is appreciated.
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