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03 July 2016

France: La Capelle-lès-Boulogne: Marion, Confined to Home, Suffers from Electrosensitivity

Marion is hypersensitive to waves:  cell phones, Wi-Fi,
computers... Illustration photo:  Guy Drollet
A poignant testimony of EHS from a teenager who has been suffering from this syndrome since she was 9 years old.

La Capelle-lès-Boulogne: Marion, Confined to Home, Suffers from Electrosensitivity
by Emmanuelle Dupeux, lavoixdunord.fr,
8 April 2016 (translated by the Editor of
"Mieux Prévenir")

Since the age of 9, Marion has been suffering from electrohypersensitivity.  She is hypersensitive to electromagnetic waves.  A serious handicap for this 19-year-old obliged to live as a near-recluse at home.  A new worry has been added to this, related to ERDF's smart meter, Linky.

"It began when I was 9, recalls Marion (*).  I got migraines and sometimes skin rashes.  At the time, we weren't really worried." The troubles worsened when she entered "collège".  "Daily headaches, sometimes with nausea, dizziness.  I began to complain that I did not want to take the bus because of the cell phones.  I did not know why..."

Multiple disorders

Some time later, she started to experience tinnitus (buzzing in the ears) when people used their cell phones in her presence, idem in the computer room near computers where she also felt tingling.

Things went from bad to worse.  Marion consulted many specialists from age 13.  In vain.  No one discovered what she was suffering from. 

Then came her third year.  "I wasn't sleeping more than 3 hours a night.  I was always exhausted."  Added to this, concentration problems, loss of immediate memory, palpitations, urinary and digestive problems.  "When I finished the year, it was evident for me that I was going to stop school, otherwise I would die."  However, she really liked her school.

Marion did not return to school.  "The year had been horrible.  I had recovered a bit but I could not do anything.  I could not concentrate on a book or on the TV..."

She was finally to find answers to her questions after her father heard by chance Professor Belpomme on the radio.  An appointment in Paris with the oncologist specialized in environmental illnesses was made.  Following extensive medical tests, he diagnosed her as electrosensitive.  "All my symptoms corresponded to the phases of exposure to electromagnetic waves:  cell phones, Wi-Fi, computers, etc."  Marion followed a treatment which very much improved her condition, notably the blood-brain barrier, which was considered to have been impaired.  In 2013, she returned to school.  "I lasted a year, but with time, my condition again deteriorated."

Since 2015, Marion has been studying at home by correspondence.  She doesn't take the train, go to the movies, to a restaurant.  She only goes into town in cases of "force majeure":  medical or university exams.  Each time she is exposed to waves, it takes her several days to recover her energy... Her friends come to see her at home.

Marion remains confined to home, apart from short walks in the forest or in some streets.  An odd life for a teenager...

Where to live if white zones disappear?

"I am well but I want to have a social life," says Marion.  This courageous girl says this to those who are not undertaking extensive studies of her illness... even whose who cede to the lobbies.  Two other issues worry her.  The installation of ERDF's smart meter Linky.  "I will not be able to continue to walk in La Capelle.  I will have to leave for a distant place but I hope to be able to finish my studies here."  Add to this the Macron law which foresees the suppression in 2017 of all white zones in France.  Where to go to live?

(*) The first name has been changed, our witness wishing to remain anonymous.

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  1. So many suffering from this and no attempts being made to help the suffers. I do not believe that things will get better until many more people suffer. However, that does nothing to help those currently dealing with this hell.


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