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04 August 2016

Indonesia: Minister Yohana to Ban Children from Playing Pokemon Go

Minister Yohana to Ban Children from Playing Pokemon Go
entempo.co, 3 August 2016

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta-The Women Empowerment and Children Protection Minister Prof. Yohana Yembise will issue a regulation that would ban children from playing Pokemon Go as it could disturb their study at school.

“I have prepared a draft ministerial regulation on prohibition of children from bringing cell phones [to school] and palying Pokemon Go,” said Minister Yohana Yembise as quoted from Bisnis.com.

She said that Pokemon Go is popular due to advances in information technology.

Minister Yohana said that parent must support the ministry in banning children from playing Pokemon Go.

“Pokemon Go could harm children’s mind and make them lazy; it must be prevented as early as possible by banning it through a ministerial regulation,” Minister Yohana Yembise said.

She has urged children not to make playing Pokemon Go as a hobby as it could hamper their development.

“The draft ministerial regulation is being prepared and is expected to be issued soon,” she said.



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